It is also commonly called premature ejaculation and has been known to be a source of worry to lots of men who can’t control the sexual problem. Below ate two essential tips that would help you to overcome this sexual anomaly and make you become the king of the bedroom once more.

1) You Should Strive To Have The Appropriate Mental Thinking

Some may not know that the mind controls larger amounts of premature ejaculation during coitus. The figure has been put to over 70 percent. This simply means that the majority of those that are having the problem should try and work on their mindsets. Being able to take control of your mindset will be the first major step towards controlling when you climax during lovemaking.

There is a dedicated section of the brain that controls and drives the sexual functions. This section is called cortex and it is mainly responsible for men’s ejaculation to a large extent. You have to bear in mind that whenever you see an erotic substance or a lady’s body and become aroused, the cortex of your brain is what is interpreting the visual effects.

This makes it imperative for any right-thinking to try and control how the cortex of his brain reacts when he sees an erotic matter, be it pictures, words, and a woman’s physical body. Controlling this part of the brain will require persistent effort and you have to be ready to disagree with your body arouse and give your brain reason for not wanting to be in the sexual mood at that point even if all factors are conducive for you to have sex. If you can control your brain, you will definitely be able to control your sexual urges and at the same time control how soon you ejaculate during lovemaking.

2) Do You Have The Right Physical Control?

If you can’t control your physical reaction, you will still be prone to early ejaculation even if your mental state is properly controlled. It is generally known that the eye is one organ that sees the things that arouse men. Ones an erotic substance if sighted, sex and the acts that relate to it comes to mind. You should also know that your penis has unique ways of reacting when touched or stimulate at different angles. Discover which part of your penis that usually drives you to ‘a point of no return’ and ensure that you don’t allow the pleasure of the moment to take you to that stage.

Having the ability to control your mind is one good step towards avoiding premature ejaculation and be sure to keep your penis arousal in check and don’t let ecstasy overtake your ‘stop’ ability even when during sexual intercourse. You can be able to last longer in bed if you read through these lines and try to be as disciplined as you can in implementing the two tips we had discussed.

3) Use ProSolution Male Enhancement Pills

ProSolution ED Pills

There are so many kinds of male enhancement products available in the market today, from pills to devices to other forms of supplements, the number of products that have been released for the purpose of sexual enhancement has increased significantly to keep up with the demand. If you don’t know where to start and you don’t know which product actually works, then you may want to try ProSolution Pills.

ProSolution Pills is a brand of male enhancement pills that are made out of a combination of potent ingredients that many cultures have used for thousands of years particularly to treat sexual disorders and increase sexual stamina and libido.

It contains both Solidilin and Drilizen, two ingredients that, when combined together, can create a very potent pill that can significantly increase the body’s natural production of citric acid, help men produce faster, harder and longer erections, help regulate the blood flow to the penile area and increase testosterone production.

It also contains L-Dopa, a natural amino acid that can help the body produce more dopamine for a more pleasurable sexual experience. ProSolution Pills is guaranteed to work effectively without giving you the harmful side effects that other male enhancement pills have.

The active ingredients contained in ProSolution Pills include:

Solidilin, a compound that has been proven to improve sexual motivation;

Taj and Sunflower, both of these ingredients effectively open up the blood vessels to encourage healthier blood flow to the penile area;

Momordica, effectively reduces body fat to increase testosterone levels;

Drilizen, an herbal formulation that helps prolong erections by increasing the body’s nitric oxide release and many other safe formulations.

The product work by increasing the blood supply in the penis to enhance its tumescence; it also has a direct impact on the secretion of sex hormones to increase your sex drive. Since the general well-being of men can greatly affect how well they perform sexually, it is important to always keep your health in check.

One of the advantages of this product is that it not only promotes sexual health, it also does a lot to significantly promote one’s general health to enable men to perform better and feel better about themselves.

Within 7 to 14 days of taking this pill, you can experience significant effects like harder erections, increased blood flow into the penis, faster and longer erections, prolonged ejaculations, and better sexual performance.

They even have a money-back guarantee that shows how effective the product is. You can try ProSolution Pills for a period of ninety days and if you don’t experience any beneficial results, you can get your money back without having to go through any hassle.

Products that ensure a money-back guarantee generally work better than others as the company makes it their goal to provide 100% customer satisfaction. If you are tired of products that don’t work, then maybe it’s time you tried something else. This product would definitely be something that you would want to try especially since a lot of men have attested to the efficacy of this product in providing enhanced sexual performance and treating sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction.

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