It is important that you get all pertinent information to ensure that the method you choose is not only effective but more importantly safe for your body to use.

Categories and Types

Three general categories are a natural enhancement, device-assisted/chemical-based penis enlargement, and surgery.

Under these three categories are the following types of male sexual enhancement:

Penis enhancement pills

These are either chemical-based or natural pills in tablet or capsule form taken like dietary supplements in the right dosage. They are intended to boost male organ functions, correct sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction, and help increase the size of one’s sexual organ.

Penis devices

These devices such as the penis pumps are meant primarily to extend the length and girth of one’s sex organ. You have to wear the device for a certain period of time in order to get results. There are those who claim that these devices can assist in resolving erectile dysfunction.

Penis Exercises

From stretching to other forms, these exercises target to enlarge and improve the condition of the male sex organ. Some exercises are done naturally, while others require the use of penis traction devices.


One can undergo surgical procedures to enlarge the size of the organ. The procedures are also meant to correct deformities and abnormalities in one’s sexual organ to increase its size and or correct sexual disorders.

Pros and Cons

You have to be aware of the risks involved in each type and form of male enhancement. Here is a quick reference:

Penis Pills

these supplements are less invasive than wearing devices and undergoing surgery to enhance the sexual organ. However, if you are not careful with your choice of supplements, you may end up with adverse effects on your overall health, and or getting no results at all except to waste the money you spend on the purchase. It is always prudent to choose natural pills than chemical-based pills.

Penis Devices

there are devices that can give you quick results of an increase in the size of your organ. Typically, though, the increase is temporary in nature. Wearing the device may cause discomfort, and improper use can result in either temporary or permanent damage to your sex organ.


when done naturally, exercises are the safest form to enhance the male sex organ. However, they can be slow in producing results of enlargement and you will have to perform the exercises regularly to benefit from it and enjoy permanent results. Be cautious of penis exercises that require the use of devices.


unless required by a medical condition, this is the option that you should be extremely careful in considering, as it is the most invasive. Aside from the pain and discomfort generally associated with surgical procedures, you will also experience pain in your pocket. The risks are higher and there is no guarantee that you will not experience any adverse effects.

Now that you know what your options are, start to get more details so you can decide what is best for your male enhancement.

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