It is important to lubricate the joints in order to prevent pain. Arthritis is one of the common health issues that are associated with joint pain. In fact, many people are suffering from joint pain caused by arthritis. Obviously, the doctor will prescribe anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal drugs to alleviate the pain, but it should not be used for a long span of time because it may result in other health problems.

But, as you grow older it is unavoidable that you will feel some pain and discomfort in movement. It is because the joints deteriorate and become inflexible. A lot of pain-suffering individuals related to arthritis or inflammation of joints have shared the comfort they felt upon using Cerisea Medica+.

What is Cerisea Medica?

What is Cerisea Medica+?

Recently, a new solution to joint pain was introduced to the health world and it is called Cerisea Medica+. It does not make outrageous claims but instead gives its consumers a real tool to use when there is a pain in the joints.

Cerisea Medica+ is a natural alternative that is formulated to reduce the joint pains naturally, upholds the functions of the joints, protects the cartilage and promotes greater mobility.

Taking the Cerisea Medica+ helps in enhancing the flexibility of the tissue as it contains hyaluronic acid. Likewise, the anti-inflammatory property of the Cerisea Medica+ alleviates joint pain particularly for those suffering severe osteoarthritis.

Arthritis is associated with swelling and the holy basil extract reduces the swelling and it works similar to ibuprofen. Regular intake of the Cerisea Medica+ you can expect that the advancement of arthritis can be prevented. The Cerisea Medica+ drops are available in three packages and you should choose the one appropriate to your needs.

Joint pain and Cerisea Medica+

Joint pain and Cerisea Medica+

In the information superhighway that we have right now, it is very easy to get lost in the traffic and find it difficult to separate what is fact and what is fiction. Fortunately, there are reviews that are more leaned to provide useful information that you can rely upon and use depending on the circumstances.

This article aims to be of this type and finally peel the mystery of what joint pain really is. To start with, a basic understanding of how joint pain happens is proper for you to understand and prevent it from happening. The joint is a part of your body where two bones meet and connect to each other. The connection is supported by ligaments, cartilage, and bursae to provide support for the bones during movement. There are also tendons located in joints which attach muscles on to the bones. When a person suffers an injury or catches a disease affecting the joint or some tissues in proximity to it that is when joint pain may occur.

When there is joint pain, movement becomes difficult and even improbable. Your normal tasks become doubly hard to perform and you suffer the consequences of such predicament. While there are medical procedures that can be done to ease the pain and some drugs like NSAID that can be used to alleviate the pain, the root cause of the problem is left thus resulting in incomplete relief. The better way to approach this is to find a solution that helps you move without pain and helps you handle joint injuries with the least possible instance of complication.

There are several causes of joint pain but none is as common as the thinning of the cartilage that is located between adjacent bones. Studies have shown that to effectively cure joint paint you need to find a way to replenish or at least heal the thinning cartilage.

Unfortunately, research on which foods to take to replace the cartilage is scarce and present knowledge has taught us that there is no staple food that you can take to achieve this. Meanwhile, the manufacturer of Cerisea Medica+ has discovered that two natural compounds that make up cartilage can be replaced with sulfates which are essentially the same in molecular structure. These two natural compounds are chondroitin and glucosamine.

Causes of cartilage injury

Causes of cartilage injury

Not everyone may be aware, but this condition can eventually erode cartilage. This is the tough but flexible tissue covering the base of the bones along the joints.

The cartilage provides reinforcement and form to other body parts like the nose, ears, and the windpipe. When this tissue is healthy, it can help a person move without pain by making it possible for the bones move smoothly on top of each other. The cartilage also protects the bones by not letting the bones rub against one another.

When this tissue is damaged or inflamed, it can cause not just mere pain but even slight movements become very excruciating. Over time, it can result in joint injuries and distortion. Sometimes, when the cartilage has totally eroded it causes the bones to rub against one another which can be unbearable. It can become rigid and may lose elasticity. This puts more pressure on the ligaments as well as tendons. These parts will be forced to absorb the movements they were not intended to function. Causes of cartilage injury include torn and damaged cartilage due to sports or other rigid physical activities, genetic causes, and other health conditions of the body.

Goal of treatment

Goal of treatment

Affected persons take medications for a mild form of arthritis. The ultimate goal of treatment is to diminish pain and maintain the function of joints. Medicines may reduce the pain but they have not addressed the preservation of the function of the joints. It is important to note that medications can diminish mild pain but stronger medicines should not be used for a long time. For moderate pain to severe form of arthritis, the drugs that are usually recommended are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS).

These medications may be prescribed while other forms can be obtained over-the-counter. Cox-2 inhibitors are under the NSAIDS category in this mode of treatment. These provide stronger diminishing of symptoms. Only one of these drugs has remained available in the market. The other forms were pulled out of the market since they were associated with increased risk for heart attack, cardiovascular accidents, and other related events.

Medicines for arthritis have severe side effects

When patients suffer from highly intense pain, physicians recommend opioids, antiepileptic medications, or antidepressants. This is to help out patients cope with the harsh and debilitating pain on the joints. But for long term use, these medications are not advisable since they are only allowed for short term use. They do not cure the illness but merely reduce the effects of symptoms. Aside from that, NSAIDS poses risks of damaging the liver and the digestive tract.

Furthermore, opioid drugs are addictive and antidepressants cause sleepiness and the patient can develop thoughts of suicide. Patients can choose to buy a natural remedy like Cerisea Medica+ that can replace these strong medications. It can help prevent the occurrence of side effects. In addition, Cerisea Medica+ reviews indicate it can help in relieving pain and maintain the functions of the joints and probably even undo cartilage loss.

Ingredients found in Cerisea Medica+

Ingredients found in Cerisea Medica+

This is a natural supplement used to relieve pain and maintain the functioning of joints. It is not a drug but only makes use of substances purely found in the cartilage and non-artificial pain relievers. Among the ingredients found in this product is avocado soybean. According to a study, it had caused decreased loss of space in joints among patients who suffered from osteoarthritis. Willow bark is also part of this supplement.

Many years ago, this was used by a scientist to formulate Aspirin because of its capacity of having a natural pain-killing effect. Furthermore, this product comes from two compounds known as glucosamine and chondroitin. These are necessary for cartilage and become lost eventually due to aging. Glucosamine is responsible for delaying cartilage weakening and enhance the person’s ability to move. On the other hand, chondroitin improves the function of collagen and impede the enzymes that deteriorate cartilage.

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