It is commonly known for its low-calorie content, a fairly sweet taste, and appealing fragrance. They are classified as the most favored types of melons in various countries. The following are health reasons that you could take pleasure in while enjoying cantaloupe.

Excellent source of minerals and vitamins

When it is perfectly ripe, cantaloupe has a refreshing and light flavor and offers a lot of nutrients for about 60 calories a cup with no fat. It gives about 120% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin A and 108% of your recommended allowance of Vitamin C a cup. The melon has also been found to contain one of the most beneficial sources of myoinositol, which is a building block of cell membranes. This nutrient has been found to help in treating depression, diabetic nerve damage, liver disease, and panic attacks.

Promotes a healthy skin

Taking higher dosages of supplements of Vitamin A can be poisonous, but if obtained from natural sources such as cantaloupe, it is undoubtedly secure and is very beneficial to the skin especially in reducing the breakout of acne as well as wrinkles. Cantaloupe has a lot of folic acids that are very important for the re-growth of dead skin cells. This is particularly very ideal for pregnant women. The faster re-growth of skin cells is also important in achieving a nutritious skin. This helps in keeping wrinkles and lines away, preserving the flexibility of the skin and enabling collagen activity, therefore, an excellent anti-aging supplement.

Promotes Good Health of the Heart

A cup of cantaloupe provides about 427mg of potassium and also has a good amount of magnesium and calcium. It also contains Vitamin B6 and folate that are very important in maintaining sufficient levels of homocysteine. High levels of homocysteine can seriously damage the artery walls. In addition, cantaloupe contains beta carotene that is an excellent antioxidant that helps in protecting cells from getting damaged.

Helps in lowering blood pressure levels

Cantaloupes are filled with recovery attributes that are very helpful in managing blood pressure levels and aid in the fight towards most forms of cancer. These also help in maintaining the efficient flow of blood and are useful in reducing the cholesterol levels in the body. Cantaloupe contains water, therefore, are low in calories. The potassium in cantaloupe is a beneficial nourishment section and is actually a mineral that supports a decrease in blood pressure levels.

Cantaloupe helps in cancer prevention

Cantaloupe has rich amounts of beta-carotene that helps in reducing different forms of cancer including cancer of the windpipe, larynx, and lungs, with little danger related to its supplements. Beta-carotene also provides a lot of benefits including fighting free radicals in the atmosphere that may cause the irregular development of tissues that result from hazardous problems in health like cancer. Experts have revealed that diets rich in carotenes encourage the appropriate development of cells, resulting in lowering the probability of cancer and other diseases.

Cantaloupe Nutrition Facts

One cup of diced melon, or about 156 grams (g), contains:

  • 53 calories
  • 0.3 g of fat
  • 13 g of total carbohydrate
  • 12 g of sugar
  • 1.4 g of fiber
  • 1.3 g of protein
  • 106 percent of the daily value for vitamin A
  • 95 percent vitamin C
  • 1 percent of calcium
  • 2 percent of iron needs

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