From the moment that you had this disease, you may have encountered many problems such as having a painful erection or an erection that is hard to maintain. Doctors usually prefer to leave it untreated for up to two years as it may get resolved on its own. But those two more years of suffering from it will deprive you of having a normal sex life. Information about the treatment options for this disease can be found below so if you are interested, continue reading.


Surgery used to treat this disease is often just recommended for patients who are experiencing severe pain and when this disease interferes with the patient’s sexual life already. Three surgical procedures are used for treating this that had successful results.

The first is by removing the plaque and replacing it with a tissue patch. This procedure straightens the penis and will restore the original length of your penis. But even though this procedure is successful in doing these, some patients experienced unwanted effects such as numbness of their penis and loss of erectile function like rigidity.

The second surgical procedure is called a Nesbit procedure which treats the bending effect of Peyronie’s disease. This is done by removing or changing a part of the tunica albuginea from the penis’ side opposite the plaque. This procedure does not cause rigidity or numbness unlike the first one but it is not able to restore the original length of the penis.

The last surgical procedure is called penile prosthesis implantation. This treatment is given for men who besides this disease, are also suffering from erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is an inability or difficulty to achieve an erection and maintain it. This procedure will help straighten your penis but if it does not, then it will be combined with any of the two procedures mentioned above.

Although these three procedures give positive results, the use of surgery is still limited because of the undesired effects that surgery gives. That is why doctors don’t recommend these unless the patient is suffering too much already.

Radiation Therapy

In this procedure, high-energy rays will be targeted at the plaque. The only good thing that this procedure will do is that it will relieve the pain but it will not have any direct effects on the plaque. This can cause erectile dysfunction.

Vitamin Therapy

Studies showed that taking vitamin E will help treat this disease by decreasing or stopping the formation of the scar tissues in your penis.

So those are all the treatment options for Peyronie’s disease that you can choose from. It will still be very helpful if you will talk to your doctor about the treatment that you will like to have as your doctor knows a lot more about this disease than what you have read.

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