Annually, 200,000 male U.S. residents suffer from prostate cancer as reported by the 2001 California Cancer Journal for Clinicians. From this number, around 32,000 die every year.

One of the many illnesses that men suffer from is prostate cancer. This is very painful and is due to some identified and unidentified factors. Prostate health can be protected from several natural substances that can stop the growth and development of cancer cells because of their cancer-hindering properties. Because of this, prostate cancer can be treated with natural cures that comprise of minerals, food therapy, herbal therapy, exercise and techniques to reduce stress.

There are minerals that aid the body to fight cancer. These include calcium and selenium. One suffering from prostate cancer should have these minerals in his cancer treatment plan.

Although controversial, dietary therapies may hinder the beginning of prostate cancer. It also slows down cancer cells’ growth if they have begun. There are specific foods that can treat prostate cancer. These include tomato and broccoli and they have properties that stop the development of cancer cells in the prostate glands. Other vegetables that have these properties are shitake and maitake mushrooms. Eating soy products and drinking pomegranate juice is now medically studied, as there are theories about the possibility of these curing prostate cancers.

There are also herbs that can help cure prostate cancer. These include pygidium and palmetto. They directly act on the prostrate thus decreasing prostate enlargement. The other herbs that fight prostate cancer and other forms of cancer are green tea and essiac. There are also herbal supplements and antioxidant vitamins that are theorized to treat cancer.

Having a healthy lifestyle can help prevent cancer. Regular exercise releases hormones and strong body chemicals to stop cancer cells from developing. They also fight stress that helps promote cancer cell development. Meditation can also help reduce stress thus the entire immune systems are developed.

Acupuncture is another natural remedy that helps treat prostate cancer. This involves placing needles in some parts of the body that release chemicals into the body so that healing is promoted. It can relieve pain from cancer, nausea from chemotherapy and stress.

Magnetic therapy is also used by some patients to cure prostate cancer. They use the magnets’ north poles to minimize tumor growth. There are those that sit on a pad having magnets. Medication, radiation therapies, and surgery are treatments for prostate cancer.

Natural cures have been tried and tested by many patients to be effective. They may still need further studies but for now, cancer sufferers try them along with their usual medication. It should be remembered however that there are natural remedies that may interfere with prescription medications, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. It is, therefore, better to ask the advice of a medical expert about taking natural remedies to be safe.

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