The Jes Extender is currently one of the more popular male enhancement products out in the market. This particular extender has become known for providing results and giving individuals exactly what they want. Of course, some people may still feel skeptical about the product and therefore reluctant to buy it from the market. This is why this article aims to put people’s minds at ease by providing them a comprehensive review of the particular model.

What is Jes Extender?

The Jes Extender is a product that is specifically attached to the penis so that it would extend in length and grow in girth. The item works by slowly extending the penis muscle and then allowing the body’s natural way of growing. Basically, the extender is attached to the penis and extended a few millimeters beyond the penis’ actual length.

This is not painful, but it does cause very small cracks along the skin area. These cracks will eventually be filled out by the body through cellular growth; leaving a penis that is a few millimeters longer. When done over a period of time, the Jes Extender could literally provide several inches of additional length to the male penis not to mention the increase in the corresponding girth.

What Else Can Jes Extender Do?

Of course, penis length and girth are not the only things improved by this product. JesExtender is also capable of helping males’ correct physical problems in their penis. Specifically, the extender straightens out the organ, removing the usual curve that is found in most male penises when aroused. Although the curve itself has no repercussions sexually or health-wise, correcting it could boost a guy’s confidence in bed.

Even better, users of Jes Extender find themselves getting better stamina and harder erections after using the product. This is because Jes Extender improves the blood flow towards the penis, allowing males to last longer and experience stronger blood flow and harder erections.

How to Use the Product?

As already mentioned, using the product is relatively easy. The item actually arrives in a neat bag that contains all the parts of the product. Following the instructions provided by the manufacturer, individuals could carefully assemble it together before carefully attaching it to the penis. Note that the attachment process is the most important part so be very careful. Ideally, the manual will also provide an excellent guide on how to close and release the item according to the user’s wishes.

Once attached, the JesExtender is conveniently left on the penis for about one hour each day. This would be enough time to provide the level of traction the penis needs to gradually grow in size and girth. Note that due to the bulky feel of the product, it is not advisable to wear it to work or when wearing restrictive clothing.

Is it Safe?

It is not surprising that most males would find using Jes Extender a bit intimidating at first. Considering how the product would be wrapped around the most vulnerable part of their anatomy, it makes sense that they are a bit reluctant to put on the product. However, this should not stop them from using the item altogether.

The fact is that the JesExtender is specially made to clasp the penis without causing any damage to it. With detailed information about how to set up the product and attach it to the penis, there is no way that males will feel pain during the process. Side effects are also practically zero.

Of course, it is important to note that the JesExtender would only remain safe when it is used properly. This is why individuals are advised not to utilize the product for more than 5 hours each day because this might leave the penis sore. Males might also find the item restricts their movement during the first few days but after that, they should get used to the sensation. Ideally, the JesExtender should be worn when the person is sitting relaxed at home. This makes it more comfortable for males to wear the product.

What are the Results?

JesExtender reviews show that the product can literally add three inches to the penis and about two inches in girth within a period of months. Of course, the results usually vary depending on the amount of time a person spends wearing the male enhancement device. As already mentioned, however, it is not advisable to wear the item for more than five hours each day. At this point, the penis could become sore and be very uncomfortable for the male.

Is the Result Permanent?

The good news is that the Jes Extender providers 100% permanent results.

Once the body starts filling in those extended pockets, the penis would attain a size that is not reversible. This means that users would not have to rely on the product for long periods of time. After achieving the results that they want, individuals can simply discard the item and enjoy their newly enhanced manhood. This is in direct contrast with the pills and products that need to be constantly take in order to achieve results. Hence, in the long run, the extender is definitely cheaper than other products.

Product Advantages and Disadvantages

Of course, some people may argue that the JesExtender sounds too good to be true. The fact is that not all products are perfect and in the case of this item, there are still some things that may discourage buyers. Specifically, the price of the extender is a bit more expensive than others. However, considering the quality of the products and the level of results it can provide, it is safe to say that the product is worth the money.

The product is usually delivered covered in plain paper, allowing males to keep their purchase a secret. The item also comes with an instructional DVD to make it easier for males to utilize the product according to their needs. What is great about the JesExtender is that it is designed with a lock and load feature.

This means that users would not have to continuously adjust the product according to their needs. Through this, users will find themselves getting faster and more accurate results. Manufactured in Denmark, the materials used for the building are 100% safe and genuine. Maintenance control is also strictly adhered to, ensuring that no fakes or copies would enter the market.

Types of JesExtender

There are actually two types of Jes Extender out in the market today.

The first one is called the Original Standard Comfort is sold in a classic mahogany case and carries two years worth of warranty. The product itself provides excellent results not to mention comfort for the users. However, those who want to upgrade their extender can do so with the Titanium.

The Titanium is sold inside an aluminum flight case and carries the same length of warranty. The main difference of this product is that it provides better monitoring and accuracy than the original thanks to the ½-inch elongation bars added into the system. So far, the Titanium version has become a favorite by buyers.

Jes Extender Guarantee

Another impressive thing about this product is how receptive the sellers are in providing a money back guarantee should users find that the item did not give them the results they want. The sellers even have a comprehensive list of steps for people to take should they want to contact the manufacturers for a refund. So far, however, the seller has not received any complaints on the product, ensuring that they are 100% effective.

Making the Most of the Extender

It is important to note that although the extender might provide excellent results, users have the option of speeding up the process. This can be done by living a healthy lifestyle while using the product at the same time. For example, eating fresh fruits and vegetables instead of going for processed foods would make it easier for the body to trigger cell regrowth.

It would also increase stamina, allowing males to perform better in bed. Plus, girls like a buff or lean guys more than males who are not so it is best to attract them with the package first before the performance. With the right preparation, males would find themselves speeding up the process of growth and ultimately getting the results they want, fast!

So Should you Buy the JesExtender?

All in all, the Jes Extender is definitely a good investment for individuals who want to increase their penis length and girth without compromising their health. The system has been proven to be 100% effective and non-invasive. In fact, the JesExtender has been tested multiple times before sellers decided to release it to the market.

Made from durable and safe materials combined with comfortable straps, it is recommended that males who want to improve their sexual performance try out the JesExtender as their very first option.

For those who want to find out more about the Jes Extender, try checking out their website. This should provide more comprehensive data about how the item works and what it could do for its users.


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