Like most other nutritional supplements that intend to enhance manhood, Male Extra is formulated to increase the amount of blood flow into the penis. The penis increases in size during erection because it is made to hold more blood during the process.

But the reviews point one major difference that separates the product from the rest. Its formula is made more unique and more effective through the presence of pomegranate, a fruit variety considered as nature’s version of Viagra. This main ingredient makes Male Extra most admirable and recommendable.

Pomegranate extract

As if containing pomegranate is not enough, Male Extra uses the extract from the roots of the plant. Thus, the desired effects of taking pomegranate are further increased. Other nutritional supplements that use the ingredient use the core of the fruit as it is easier to source out and extract.

Pomegranate extract naturally has potent antioxidants that facilitate natural blood flow into the penis especially during erection. It can also make erections easier to attain. At the same time, overall blood circulation in the entire body is also enhanced, making it ideal for every man’s overall health.

You should understand that penis erection and health is all about blood flow. Increased blood flows into the area will help men attain harder erections. It can also help bolster the size of the penis. That is why it is also important to make sure that the overall circulatory health of the body is in ideal condition. It is like targeting the whole picture instead of merely focusing on one area.

Other ideal effects

Some reviews may have missed out on several ideal effects of the product. First, pomegranate can decrease or reverse any damage brought about by oxidization, or the use of oxygen in the body. Pomegranate extract can help flush out free radicals that cause illnesses and weaken body systems. At the same time, pomegranate reduces the possible effects of arterial plaque growth.

Such improvements positively affect how the body works, explaining why the ingredient can give way to wild driven and enhanced sexual performance.

Pomegranate in Male Extra does more than expected. Combined with all other potent herbal ingredients, it can even promote the production of more sperms, higher testosterone level, and rejuvenated hormone flow. Consequently, any man taking the nutritional supplement regularly can enjoy stronger, harder, and fuller erections that can be easily sustained longer.

Male Extra is proven effective in increasing penis length by up to 3 inches. In the reviews, it was already mentioned that the product comes with recommended penis exercises that will make all of its promises achievable.

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