MaleEdge Reviews - Proof that The Good and Cheap Combine

With the variety of methods and products available today for penis enlargement, searching for the best male enhancer is very difficult. Many factors should be considered to fulfill this type of task. Among those factors, many people believe that price is the most important thing to check. This is the reason why in this article, price is put into great consideration for selecting which product to review. Male Edge is a cheap penis extender device, which is a good place to start the search.

It can be said that the crowning glory for every man is the size of his penis. Based on facts and statistics, the male’s confidence level is in direct proportion to the size of his penis. Of course, not all males are the same and some have smaller organs than others. For these men, the Male Edge penis enlarger is the perfect device.

What is Male Edge?

What is MaleEdge?

Male Edge is a penis enlarger device created by DanaLife. DanaLife is also the company behind the legendary product called Jes-Extender. This proves that Male Edge is another reliable device. According to some other Male Edge reviews, this product is truly effective. Some even say that in just a few months of using it, they already got the results they wanted.

The MaleEdge penis enlarger is an external device that stimulates the growth of the penis through natural means. It does this using the principle of traction. It keeps the penis pulled for an amount of time wherein cells would generate in the elongated areas thereby making the length permanent. Users have said that their penis size has increased by up to 28% while using this product.

MaleEdge is a good choice for an external penis enlargement device. The natural method of elongating the penis has little to no harmful effects. These harmful effects may be prevented if the user knows how to use the product. This product is definitely recommended for people who want a longer penis but do not want to take supplements.

Traction and Stretching

Traction and Stretching

Traction is a clinically proven technique that guarantees an increase in penile size by assisting the human body’s natural ability to change and develop under physical influence.

Stretching is the underlying principle here, which promotes cell growth through cell division, resulting in a permanent increase in penile size. The device actually works by exercising the penis through stretching. The same principle is applied in weightlifting or any other form of exercise, where growth and firmness in tissue are achieved due to prolonged physical activity.

Clinical tests

The first clinical test on this principle was reported in Barcelona, Spain in 1998 at the First International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery. Eighteen male subjects in their early 20’s to late ’40s were studied over a period of 6 months.

An average increase of over 1 inch in length was noted during the six month period, with an increase in about half an inch in the first 3-4 months. Traction from a penis extender was also found to treat patients with Peyronie’s disease, a disorder that results in the deformation and decrease in the size of the penis. With regular use of the extender, a reduction in curvature by 45 degrees was also reported after six months of use.

How Does Male Edge work?

To easily understand how Male Edge works, people should know first the different male enhancement options that are available. There are five common options in enlarging the penis. These are penis surgery, penis pumps, penis enlargement pills, jelqing therapy, and penis traction. Among those options, Male Edge can be categorized under penis traction. Read on to know how it works and what its advantages over the others are.

Male Enhancement Options

Here are the most common options in enlarging the penis:

Penis Surgery

Surgery of the penis is an extreme solution for male enhancement. This option is only recommended to men that naturally have a dysfunctional organ or have suffered a severe injury. Penis surgery works through releasing ligaments in the organ, which allows tissues to protrude in the body. According to the study conducted in 2006 by European Urology, only a few men that underwent this surgery were satisfied with the outcome. It is said to grow the penis by only 1 cm.

Penis Pumps

The use of penis pumps is a natural way of enhancing the penis. This option is said to produce results without exhibiting significant side effects on the body. Penis pumps work through creating suction around the penis that draws blood into it. The blood that is accumulated gives the impression of a larger penis and helps men to have a strong erection. However, according to a study conducted in 2005, this method cannot produce any notable changes in the size of the penis.

Penis Enlargement Pills

The use of penis enlargement pills is the most popular option for male enhancement. But despite its popularity, people should be aware that no study yet shows that it is effective. Furthermore, some pill products could even produce adverse effects on the body. According to the study conducted by Florence Research in California, most of the penis enlargement pills contain large amounts of E. Coli, a chemical that is dangerous to the body. Many people still believe that natural ways are better.

Jelqing Therapy

Jelqing therapy, although not too popular, is already being used for many years. The theory behind it is that if a man exercises his tissues and muscles in his penis, it will increase ultimately its size. Jelqing works through drawing blood from glands and transporting it to the penis. Through the blood gathered in the penis, tissues inside it will protrude and will eventually increase its length and girth. However, no scientific study yet exists that could prove its effectiveness.

Penis Traction

As mentioned earlier, Male Edge is under penis traction. This option is another type of natural method of enlarging the penis. This means that Male Edge, besides being a cheap penis extender device, doesn’t have any side effects on the body. Penis traction works through promoting cell multiplication. With continuous use of the device, the penis will grow in both girth and length. According to one of the international studies conducted in 2002, traction-based penis enhancers are successful in increasing the size of the penis. In just a few months of use, it can stretch the penis by 1.8 cm and can increase its girth by 3.1 cm.

Benefits of Male Edge

Including some mentioned earlier, here are the benefits of the Male Edge product:

  • It is cheap.
  • It is natural.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is effective.
  • It can be delivered anywhere.
  • It has a double money-back guarantee.

Benefit # 1: It is cheap

Male Edge is retailed in three types, which are basic, extra, and pro. The basic type costs $149.99, the extra type costs $174.99, and the pro-type costs $199.99. This will seem hefty for those who haven’t looked at other options yet, but they are cheap, truly. The price of Male Edge is very affordable compared to what men would spend when they opt for surgery, pills, or a penis pump.

Benefit # 2: It is natural

Natural methods of enlarging penis size do not have any adverse effects on the body. This is the reason why it is important to choose a method that is natural. The use of Male Edge is a very natural method. Using Male Edge, men are not required to drink anything or hurt their body. Enlargement of the penis will come naturally using this device.

Benefit # 3: It is easy to use

Male Edge looks like a tube support apparatus. To use it, men just have to wear it on their penis. Moreover, it has a limitless time of use. The user could decide how long they want to put this device on. Remember, the longer a person wears Male Edge, the better.

Benefit # 4: It is effective

There are many articles now that can prove the effectiveness of Male Edge. One of those is the study conducted by the International Journal of Impotence Research. This study concluded that traction-based penis enlargers are successful in enlarging the length and girth of the penis. Moreover, many other reviews published didn’t oppose that conclusion and also believed in the enhancing capability of Male Edge. Some claim that it can already produce a noticeable change in just four months of use.

Benefit # 5: It can be delivered anywhere

The manufacturer of Male Edge, the company of DaleLife, promises all buyers that they can deliver their products to anyone, whenever and wherever they want it. This includes countries outside their zone. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the US, Canada, Europe, India, Japan, China, or the Philippines. Buyers just have to order it from the Male Edge site, and they can deliver it right away. No long waiting and unknown extra payment. Buyers will surely find their prompt delivery service beneficial.

Benefit # 6: It has a double money-back guarantee

The money-back-guarantee on top of the products just shows how confident a manufacturer is about the products they sell. But imagine if a company offers a double money-back guarantee. That is it offers a refund that is twice as much as the person originally paid. They are showing too much confidence right? That is what the Male Edge manufacturer offers to its customers. They are too confident about their product that if Male Edge doesn’t work for anyone that bought it, they will let their money, including their investments, slip.

Peyronie’s Disease

This clinically proven penis enlarger also works as a cure for Peyronie’s disease, a condition in which the penis is curved. Studies show that MaleEdge can actually reduce the curvature of the penis by 50% to 90%, hence elongating the penis. What is great about the product is that the penis growth is permanent since the changes happening in the penis are both macroscopic and microscopic.

Penis growth

Penis growth can even be as much as 40% in a six-month period. This means growing your penis as much as 3 inches. Also, because of increased cell activity and blood flow in the area, users of MaleEdge will find that their erections have become significantly stronger.

Do Male Edge Reviews

From thousands of published reviews about the product, they only say one thing. That Male Edge really works. But still, there are some that oppose it. Not that it is ineffectual for them. It’s just that they didn’t like the whole idea of growing their penis. For people who want to keep the size of their penis as it is, Male Edge is a big no. But for those who want to really make a difference, Male Edge is a sure hit.

Some Negative Thoughts about Male Edge

The only negative thing that is noteworthy about Male Edge is that it’s still new in the market. DaleLife started selling it just a few years ago. The number of testimonials published by its past users that could prove its effectiveness is limited. But remember, they are offering a double money-back guarantee. This assures that buyers will not end empty-handed. And oh, has it already been mentioned that Male Edge is a very cheap penis extender? Yes, it is!

MaleEdge Pro ($199.99)

MaleEdge Pro

The Male Edge Pro is a superior penis traction device made of the highest quality lightweight materials by DanaLife, a spinoff company of DanaMedic, the same company that introduced the first penile traction device. The Male Edge Pro weighs only 2.1 oz making it the lightest most comfortable extender device in the market today and using it doesn’t require a lot of effort.

It comes with a 3D instructional film and DVD that should help men understand it’s the proper use and in time, attain penile enlargement with very minimal tension in the penile area. During the first week of use, the Male Edge Pro must be used for only an hour a day applying a very minimal amount of traction to the penis, ranging from 8g to 1200g. After six weeks of use, a traction force of 1200g to 2000g for six hours each day can then be applied, thus minimizing any discomfort associated with first-time users.

Because the steel parts of the original Jes Extender device were replaced with strong plastic, which is just as durable, lightness and comfortability are maximized. The Male Edge Pro can be worn underneath any type of pants at any time without attracting any suspicion at all.

MaleEdge Basic ($149.99)

MaleEdge Basic

The Male Edge Basic package includes a ruler to measure and keep track of your progress, a rubber strap comfort device, protection pad, protective case and 24-hour access to the individual online training program to help you use your penis enlarger to its full potential. At $149, the Male Edge Basic might be affordable but it does not mean performance is compromised.

MaleEdge Extra ($174.99)

The Male Edge Extraversion comes in the colors green and black along with a number of useful add-ons as well as replacement parts that save you both money and time. Aside from the accessories found in the Basic version, the package also comes with a handy travel case, a couple of rubber straps, and a protection pad. At $144, the Male Edge Extra really is a complete device designed to help you achieve your enlargement goals.

For men who are looking for the ultimate Male Edge experience, The Male Edge Pro is specially designed for you. The entire Pro package includes a full range of the Male Edge Basic and the Male Edge Extra accessories, with the addition of four rubber straps, two replacement pads, and cohesive gauze. Styled in red and black, it is presented in an elegant red gift box. At $199, the Male Edge Pro is a top of the range penis enlargement package that includes absolutely everything you need to achieve your enlargement goals.

But what do past users say about it?

Feedback from the Male Edge community of users has been overall positive, making it among the best next-generation penis enlargement device. With its lightness, comfort is never compromised. It allows you to customize the amount of traction you need to exert on your penis and how long you plan to use it each day, according to your own level of comfort.

Putting it on and getting it off is very easy. Within a very short period of time of using the Male edge, results can already be seen.

Packaging, shipping, and billing are done with the utmost discretion. The company behind the product also offers an excellent money-back guarantee. If results are not as expected, you get a double amount of your money back. That is how confident they of the product.

Based on all the clinical data available as well as all the testimonials of hundreds of thousands of men who have tried and used the Male Edge penis enlargement device, it is therefore concluded that the Male Edge device is as effective, as comfortable and as reliable as any more expensive brands in the market today. Backed with the original technology that revolutionized penile enlargement devices, it is guaranteed to give the best results to your penile enlargement goals.

It is also a recommended treatment for the cure of Peyronie’s disease at its early to middle stages. A significant enhancement in erection has also resulted due to better blood flow promoted by cell growth. With a product like this, your money is worth every inch that is gained.


Price is a very important factor in selecting which products to buy. But this doesn’t mean that people must just base their decision according to it. When it comes to penis enlargement products, men should be wary of the side effects, effectiveness, and other things that come along with it. They should be assured that they will get the most of their purchase. This is what Male Edge is all about.

The Male Edge penis enlargement device is not only a cheap penis extender but also holds all the things that men would want into their product. It’s easy to use, has no side effects, and very effective. On top of that, it is offered with a double money-back guarantee. What else could they ask for? Male Edge is still new, but it’s safe for people to trust it.

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