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Transdermal delivery has been around for years. The very first transdermal patch that was approved by the FDA was in 1979, and it was for the treatment of motion sickness. The patches were then later on developed to treat smoking addiction and were called the nicotine patches. Further on, contraception for women became available through patches as well. Today, transdermal delivery has reached its finest through ProEnhance, the best formulation for male enhancement on the market.

As men age, sex becomes less. This is because both men and their partners lose interest in it because the fire is simply not burning bright anymore. Sex drive weakens and libido decreases with age. There are already numerous supplements, devices, and gels which aim to provide a solution to this problem. ProEnhance gives another solution and it comes in a new, unique form.

The measure of a man’s manliness has always been associated with the size of his genitals, which often makes it hard to determine unless one takes his clothes off. If such a thing would happen, not only does it come off as an embarrassment for any male to have one see their lack of size down there but would also prove to affect one’s confidence in and out of bed.

This has prompted numerous companies to manufacture products that specifically target the increase of the male genitals. There will be plenty of such in the market, which all promise a significant increase in size in the shortest time possible. A great number of products fall under the category of supplements that one takes orally, and another number would be the type that needs to be worked upon with certain penis exercises to guarantee their effects.

Not all products are said to work by most users though, and a lot of these men have turned to the newest product in the market deemed to allow for potent penis size increase. This would be ProEnhance, the latest offering of manufacturers that promise to allow for a significant increase in penis size.

You can go read up on ProEnhance Reviews to get the best information about it, which will answer most of your questions about the product.

What is ProEnhance?

What is ProEnhance?

ProEnhance is the very first male enhancement patch. It has gained doctors’ approval and is made up of 100% natural ingredients. It works by stimulating the body to increase blood flow to the penis making it harder and bigger thus leading to ecstatic orgasms. It also increases stamina leading to longer sexual pleasures. It boosts sex drive and stimulates the body to produce more ejaculate.

The ProEnhance patch is attached to the abdomen and lets the skin absorb its content into the bloodstream. It can be worn under clothing and is not visible. It has progressive benefits through continuous usage for up to 5 months. This product is a great way to boost your sex drive even when not engaging in sexual activities. It can be worn at work in preparation for sexual activities which will be done later on in the day.

The new method that ProEnhance introduces to increase penis size works on the problem from the outside.

While physical exercises are often employed to help develop the size of the penis by stimulation, ProEnhance is a Male enhancement patch that works through contact with the penis.

It might come off as strange, but this medical plaster is quite similar to a nicotine patch, which is attached to the body to allow for its effects to work.

ProEnhance is considered quite effective, but it is part of a penis enhancement system that will target to work in increasing penis size not just from the outside but from the inside as well.

How Does ProEnhance Work?

As a patch, you will find it quite convenient to use ProEnhance, as it doesn’t require any scheduled time for intake. However, you must be aware that as a patch, it needs to be placed in areas that will allow for its effects to be quite potent.

The patch, which is full of herbal ingredients that are of the aphrodisiac kind, works best to allow itself into one’s bloodstream. This method is more known as transdermal delivery and proves to be more potent than taking pills, as there is no more need for the pills to enter the digestive tract.

ProEnhance effectiveness works because of this factor, and one should not be worried about possibly dangerous side effects that they might encounter. As an herbal penis enlargement product, you are bound to work on increasing your penis size safely and naturally.

Here is how this amazing technological wonder works:

This adhesive is called the single-layer herbal-infused adhesive. The patch can deliver the ingredients in your body through the five layers that you will find inside of it:

Liner – there is a liner that is protective of the patch and the ingredients found in it. It is removed before it is attached to the body.

Discreet backing – this is on the other side of the patch from the liner, which is there to protect the patch from the outside world while being worn.

The herbal formulation – this is found in the square part of the patch that juts out. This is where the ingredients mentioned above, and so much more, are found and from where they re going to be inserted into your skin.

Menthol – there is menthol that is then added to the formulation, which is what is acting as the enhancer of the penetration of the ingredients of ProEnhance into your body.

Skin-safe adhesive – and just under the formulation is the skin-safe adhesive, which is what is responsible for attaching the patch onto your body and is also the one that controls the release of the ingredients.

These two factors are what will be working for you when you use ProEnhance. There is nothing quite like the formulation and the transdermal technology found in ProEnhance, so buy yourself a box today and experience a whole new level of pleasure when it comes to your sex life.

Keep reading to discover even more benefits of this product! While talking about enhancing reviews I should mention some of its features that make it special.

Completely Natural

Men will always be men but as your age increases, you tend to lose your sexual drive though you want to have fun on the bed. It is natural and you need a natural cure for that too. But the pills with rigorous three doses a day are so frustrating that many of you prefer to stay away from them. But ProEnhance is completely healthy and natural. One application and you will get back your sex drive and pleasure attached to physical relation.

Great Orgasm

The product gives you the scope to experience explosive orgasm which is possible because of the bigger erection. It also adds more hardness to it to enhance pleasure during the activities.

More Stamina and Confidence

This patch is known for improving your overall sexual health. It provides more stamina which is not only good for performing for a long time in the bedroom but also your day to day works. The inability to perform in the bedroom sometimes lowers your self-esteem but with this easy to use the patch, your self-confidence will increase and that would reflect everywhere.

Easy to Use

The Proenhance patches are easy to apply. You just need to stick it on your lower abdomen and forget about it. You don’t need to check it again and again as it would be staying there for the next 3 days. Just change it every three days and see the difference. They look like bandages and no one will ever guess what you are using.

Fast action

When you apply the patch on your lower abdomen, it directly sends the doctor-approved formulation to your bloodstream and continues to do so for 72 hours. Unlike pills, it reaches the area instantly without delay. So the effect is faster and stronger. In most cases, the actual impact is seen on the sex drive in 30 days but in many other cases, people noticed the difference within 7 to 10 days.

Suits Every Lifestyle

Proenhance is known to be a good sticking patch that will stay on your body under any circumstances. You can do any activity having it on you. From sports to driving and from swimming to sex, everything is just fine with the patch. You will never have a problem with this easy to use the patch.

Inexpensive Method

Proenhance is a cost-effective tool to improve sex drive and sexual pleasure in men by improving erection and ejaculation. This male enhancement patch is not as costly as the pills and other procedures that men follow to achieve the same benefits.

Ingredients in the formulation of ProEnhance

When you buy and use ProEnhance, you have two things working for you: the top-notch formulation of the brand, as well as the transdermal delivery that is responsible for introducing it into your bloodstream. Let us expound on the two. First off, the formulation:

Ginseng – known as the most popular performance enhancer, it is only natural that ProEnhance contains Ginseng, if only because it is the herb that is most proven to work in enhancing erectile function.

He Shou Wu – otherwise known as Fu Ti, this herb has been used to combat age-related sexual problems since the 16th century. This herb targets poor erection quality and lack of libido, which are two massively discouraging things that you experience as you grow older.

Centella Asiatica – also known as the Indian Pennywort, the Centella Asiatica is more commonly used as leafy green food in the countries of Bangladesh Thailand and Sri Lanka. It was discovered, though that it is useful for sexual enhancers because it nourishes the brain, as well as rebuilds, ruined energy reserves.

These are just some of the ingredients found in ProEnhance. And as was mentioned before, it is just one half of the package. The other half is the fact that these amazing ingredients are being delivered to you Transdermally.

Additional Tips to Make it Work

While the ProEnhance penis enlargement patch would promise better circulation of blood into the penis, it doesn’t necessarily work in increasing the penis size when it is in a flaccid state.

The product mainly deals with allowing your erections to be rock hard when they occur, thus increasing penis size when the genitals are erect. This might be stated as false advertising of the product, but this is not true. One will get a bigger penis, aside from getting more stamina to last longer in bed. But working on the size of the penis in a flaccid state is another matter.

ProEnhance will work on from the inside to allow for a more potent increase in size when the penis is erect. The enlargement exercises will allow for one to develop a larger penis size when it is in its flaccid state.

Finding out where to buy ProEnhance is easy, as the manufacturer sells it on its website. For one to get the most benefits out of the product, it is recommended to get it straight from them, to avoid counterfeits and to get the additional paraphernalia that will provide further help when it comes to the use of ProEnhance.

There is no Proenhance Scam!

You hear it over and over again. Other competitors try to make the Proenhance look as though it is a total rip-off. It is a natural reaction since they know that this product is an innovation that is guaranteed to make other products look bad.

So to clear it all up, there is no scam. This product works and you can look at all the Proenhance patch reviews to have that guarantee.

People have been raving the most about its ease of application and how it is unnoticeable even as they stick it in the body.

They have also been raving about the eventual benefits like a bigger and longer erection for better sex, the increase in sexual stamina, longer sex and also an increase in their confidence when it comes to doing the nasty!

For a special mention on the Proenhance Penis Patch, it should be noted that this product is all-natural. You look at the 5 levels and you already see that this was carefully crafted to not have any side effects on the body.

So to put everything in perspective, the Proenhance is a product like no other. If properly applied to the body, it can give you some very amazing results! So before you put it in, be sure that you know how to properly apply it.


Sexual pleasure is an important part of every marriage and marriage like relations. But improper erection and lack of orgasm can not only ruin your sexual life but also your relationship. Thanks to Proenhance, you now can get charged up sex drive along with harder and longer erection. At the same time, intense pleasure can be achieved with these male enhancement patches.

Proenhance is an all-positive product with fast action and no side-effects what so ever. Lots of men who were never in favor of using pills are now using it and recommending it too. Use it to experience the change.


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