Rizer XL Reviews - What is it, How Does it Work and How to Use it?

Erectile Dysfunction, also commonly referred to as ED, is a condition wherein a man may either fail to get an erection, fails to sustain an erection for a long time, or may only be able to get erections sporadically. ED is actually quite common, and studies have shown that because there are many things that happen all at once when a man has an erection, it is hard to be able to determine what the causes really are.

What erectile dysfunction drugs do is to target the penis and the functions that are needed in order to be able to get an erection and to sustain it until sexual satisfaction has been obtained. The problem with a lot of these drugs is that they make use of chemicals that have to be ingested for it to be effective, and a lot of the time these chemicals bring harmful side effects to the body.

What’s Rizer XL?

What’s Rizer XL?

Rizer XL is known today as one of the most potent and advanced male enhancement supplements available in today’s market. It is made from a powerful formula that is derived from natural sources and it is completely herbal. It will be able to boost your sexual desire and it has several other beneficial effects concerning your sexual health.

Rizer XL is known to have amazing effects with increasing sexual performance along with giving orgasms that are on a completely different level. It will make your erections as hard as steel and will also give you more control over your ejaculation, therefore lengthening the duration of sex and your orgasm.

How Does Rizer XL Work?

Rizer XL has been thoroughly researched and perfected over several years and its potent blend of fine botanicals has shown an incredible 98% success rate with improving the erectile functions of most men. It has gone through very rigorous clinical tests and is guaranteed to work well as both a means to increase sexual performance and as erectile dysfunction pills.

A great benefit to buying Rizer XL is that you will not have to worry about wasting money on it as there is a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are somehow part of that unlucky 2% that for some reason did not feel any effects from Rizer XL, then you may receive your money back. The aforementioned 98% success is an incredible achievement since the normal prescription anti-impotence drug only has an average success rate of 70%.

The difference with Rizer XL, when compared with other male enhancement products, is that it is not a pharmaceutical drug and does not contain any kind synthetic chemicals that are normally found in other prescription medication. It uses an all-natural formula that has been designed to be able to improve the flow of blood to the penis and boost sexual performance as well as the rigidity of your erections.

The formula for Rizer XL has taken several years to perfect and has gone through several rigorous clinical trials in order to weed out any slight imperfection. This is certainly one of the best erectile dysfunction pills available today.

This amazing feat is all due to the powerful ingredients that have been formulated to create Rizer XL. The list of ingredients reads out like a who’s who of male enhancement ingredients, featuring ingredients that have been scientifically proven to work.

Rizer XL Ingredients

Rizer XL Ingredients

L-Arginine – L-Arginine has the capability to aid along vasodilatation in the penis, which is the process of the widening of the blood vessels an essential process to the production of a long and hard erection. Aside from that, it is also very essential in the synthesis of nitrogen in the body, which is used for dilating the blood vessels so that more blood will come in. This is how you are able to have a much harder and longer erection than you may have had in the past. L-Arginine is an ingredient that increases the presence of nitric oxide in the body which expands the vessels in the penis allowing for a better and greater flow of blood that may result in a bigger, thicker and long-lasting erection. This ingredient does not only helps to improve erection problems but also increases sperm count.

Vitamin E boosts a man’s sex drive and stamina. This will also increase the number of times that a man can have sexual intercourse. Studies have mentioned that pomegranate offers benefits to erectile dysfunction and increases libido.

Korean Red Ginseng helps fight impotency and premature ejaculation and also deals with weakness and provides extra energy. This ingredient also increases the flow of blood not only to the brain but also in the penis while also building sperm and blood.

Hawthorn Berry Extract is an antioxidant that also helps in increasing blood flow and does not have side effects.

Horny Goat Weed – The extract from this plant has been used for years as a booster for a man’s libido, all thanks to Icariin. Icariin allows more blood flow into the penis, resulting in harder erections because of more blood. It will also reduce PDE-5 levels in the body, which is what Viagra and a lot of other erectile dysfunction drugs are primarily aimed to do, except there are no nasty side effects because it is natural. The horny goat weed leaf extract boosts a man’s sex drive and increases erectile function by allowing extra blood flow in the penis and muscle relaxation.

Rizer XL reviews also mentioned that some other ingredients of the male enhancement pill that helps in getting rid of erectile dysfunction. One of these ingredients is the Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract which helps in improving erection by enhancing vascular blood flow. This ingredient also promotes muscle relaxation in the penis. It also boosts the flow of blood in the genitals which improves sexual performance and erection. This is also a common ingredient in a lot of male enhancement products and is the reason that Rizer XL gives you a more powerful erection. In the last 30 years alone, there have been 300 studies performed on Ginkgo Biloba and its uses for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Muira Puama Bark Extract brings back a man’s desire for sex and potency. The Aloe Vera leaf’s main purpose is to transmit the other ingredients through the skin.

While consumption of Catuaba bark extract can lead to erotic dreams which in time directs to increased libido in the body.

The other ingredients of Rizer XL are Vitamin B3, Damiana, Tribulus Terrestris, Saw Palmetto, Inosine, Cayenne, Oat Straw, and Sampro-Soy.

These ingredients are all tried and tested to work to help men no longer experience erectile dysfunction. So if you want to be able to have a rock hard and solid erection right then and there on the spot, then Rizer XL is the right product for you. Forget about all those harmful erectile dysfunction drugs, because Rizer XL will work for you every time.

Rizer XL is not only meant for men who are impotent. There are several men who rely on this product in order to have earth-shattering sex. This is great for any man who is looking to get the most out of having sex. It will improve orgasms and make them last longer so it is recommended for just about anybody.

What makes Rizer XL stand out from other male enhancement products is that it has several purposes and will be able to help you in more ways than one. It is not only used as erectile dysfunction pills but it is also very useful as a means to help with premature ejaculation. This reason alone is enough to make Rizer XL the best male enhancement product available.

Is a prescription required?

You will not need to get a prescription to use Rizer XL. There will be no need for you to have to endure any kind of visit to the doctor. This is because it is completely natural and does not have any synthetic chemicals in the formula. It is the fact that there will be no side effects to worry about whenever taking Rizer XL.

How to take Rizer XL?

You should be fine as long as you take the recommended dosage.

The recommended dosage for taking Rizer XL is 1 to 2 capsules every day. It is recommended to take 2 capsules every day for the first two weeks and then move on to taking one a day afterward. Some people may try taking it only before sex but to fully experience all the benefits this male enhancement product has to offer, then you should take it every day.


A few of the best aspects of the Rizer XL lie upon its natural ingredients. In particular, as it does not rely on synthetic compounds so as to bring forth strong and long-lasting erections, suffering from allergies and other side effects upon applying the pill is virtually impossible. Furthermore, as noted in other reviews about the product, the pill actually contains extracts from plants that are scientifically proven to prolong arousal and enhance blood flow. Hawthorn berry, ginkgo, and ginseng are just a few examples of what the Rizer XL contains.

Aside from having the right ingredients, it is also quite noteworthy that the Rizer XL is competitively priced. It is not necessarily among the most inexpensive male enhancement products on the market though, as a single bottle of Rizer XL has a $49.93 price tag. As mentioned, however, the Rizer XL contains a myriad of natural ingredients. Since many male enhancement products that cost around $20 only have one to two active components, unlike the Rizer XL’s 11, $49.93 is indeed a bargain. Many individuals who have written Rizer XL reviews in the past overlooked this fact.


All Rizer XL reviews should provide an answer to the question of whether the Rizer XL truly works. Even though often praised as the definitive solution to all sorts of erection dilemmas, the pill does not always bring forth appreciable outcomes.

Having tried the pill firsthand on several occasions, it never failed to induce rock-hard erections. However, after telling a few friends to test the product, it became clear that results do vary. Most claim to have enjoyed the best sex in their lives, while a few barely noticed any beneficial effect after use.


To reiterate, the Rizer XL’s strengths lie upon both its assortment of ingredients and its appropriate price. On the other hand, even though the product is considered as a sex elixir in numerous Rizer XL reviews, in truth some fail to experience favorable outcomes even after several applications, hinting that different individuals react in various ways to the product’s components.

With these in mind, would it still be appropriate to recommend the pill? Indeed, it would be. Even though not without flaw, the Rizer XL is still among the most potent male enhancement products at present, and trying it firsthand is not bank-breaking.

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