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Clinically Proven* To Increase Semen Volume And Orgasm INTENSITY!

Increasing the volume of ejaculation is a very common concern among men. There are a number of reasons why men want to increase their semen volume. It affects sexual confidence, for one thing, and it also means increased libido for another. Another good reason why men find it imperative that their semen volume remains high is that it is also closely connected to the level of orgasm they experience. One way to improve the semen volume is by taking Semenax.

This is a kind of supplement taken by many men to increase their ejaculation fluid to give out more semen. The point is, more semen ejaculated the longer the orgasm will be. A lot of people using this supplement have testified and gave reviews to the products because according to them, this product is really effective and this is what porn stars commonly use to give those special effects when doing their thing.

When a person is involved in that kind of business, it requires major arousal, long-lasting and steady rock erections, incredible stamina and decent ejaculations. That is why most male porn stars take this supplement to help them perform. This Semenax supplement is also very effective when taken with healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Other harmful factors must also be avoided like smoking, drinking, and taking illegal drugs. The good thing about this supplement is that has no side effects because it contains all-natural ingredients.

What is Semenax?

What is Semenax?

Semenax is a product that helps men improve their ejaculation in terms of volume, force, and pleasure. Semenax does not only increase the volume of your ejaculation, but it also increases the level of your orgasms EXPONENTIALLY. While increasing semen production is one effect of Semenax, it also triggers heightened sensations in the male’s orgasmic centers like the perineum, pubococcygeus muscle, anal sphincter, rectum, ejaculatory ducts, and other muscles around the penis.

This is the only product that helps in increasing the volume of ejaculation for BIGGER orgasms, it also improves the sensations in and around your balls and penis. You will never have experienced an orgasm like Semenax.

Unlike Viagra, a pharmaceutical drug, Semenax is all-natural. Viagra helps a man have a harder erection, but it does not help increase the volume of semen. Because it is a synthetic drug, taking too much Viagra can have adverse side effects. On the other hand, taking one capsule of Semenax every day is perfectly all right, since it is made of natural ingredients.

Satisfied users attest to feeling great during sex, having a huge increase in the volume of semen, and satisfying their girlfriends, all thanks to Semenax. One man even testified to having a harder erection, and another commented that his penis’s veins became more noticeable after regular Semenax intake. Another claimed to have tried other products to no results but immediately felt the difference after taking Semenax for just three days.

Completely natural with no side effects, Semenax is the perfect way to increase your semen volume, experience more intense orgasms, and improve your sex life. Try it for seven days and immediately feel the results.

How does it Work?

Semenax is taken once a day as a pill. The product is not meant to elongate the penis, but harder erections caused by Semenax may have elongating effects. The main purpose of the pill is to give you BIGGER orgasms, and one way of doing that is to increase semen volume.

According to Semenax reviews, when y9ou have a greater volume of ejaculation, this triggers your muscles in your penis to contract harder for a prolonged length, resulting in a multiplied or extended climactic orgasm like you never had.

The other effects of the product include a harder penis, improved sexual stamina, and improved sexual desire. You might ask why not use Viagra instead of Semenax. Viagra does not improve the volume of ejaculate and does not give you a better orgasm. It is used mainly for treating Erectile Dysfunction in men.

Moreover, Viagra is five times more expensive than Semenax and contains artificial substances that may be harmful to your body. Semenax is made from 100% natural ingredients, which is why you do not have to worry about side effects.

A deeper look

Many men know and observed that with more semen volume comes better erection and improved orgasm. However, there is more reason why men should want to increase semen volume. A certain study conducted in 2010 revealed that women become more chemically attracted and attached to her male sexual partner partly because of the attraction substances contained in the semen.

Other benefits when you increase semen volume are better explosive ejaculations, which are felt all throughout your penis and even from the base of your balls, running up your spine and seem to electrify your head with good sensation. There are many methods in how to increase sperm volume, including abstinence from sex and masturbation. Doing this would indeed increase the semen and sperm volume, but you have to drink plenty of water and wait for more than seven days to have a sack full of semen and sperm.

One of the most asked questions on the Internet is how to produce more semen. The good news is that you do not need to know how you just need to know the right healthy products. Semenax Volume Pills is made of natural ingredients that help increase semen volume without side effects. You will notice that with more semen volume, your erections are harder, your ejaculations are bigger, and the orgasm is uncontrollably ecstatic.

What are the benefits of Semanax?

If you take Semenax, you will gradually experience MASSIVE ejaculations, delivering you spoonfuls of cum every time you burst. Semenax reviews also note the gradual improvement in the orgasm. The longer you use Semenax, the better your sex life becomes thanks to prolonged muscle contractions in your rectum and penile area.

Foraged men, the problem is not only how to increase semen volume, but they are also looking for ways to increase libido enhancement. Studies show that there is a link between enhanced libido and the volume of semen stored in your balls. The more semen and sperm you have, the stronger your urge to release them. There is an increased sexual drive when there is an increase in semen volume. There is a link between the amount of semen and sperm stored in your balls and the level of your libido. The relationship between the two is directly proportional.

How long does Semenax take to work?

Many men report seeing results in as little as 7 days… Others see results in the first 30 days of supplementation.

What is Semenax Pills Secret?

The secret of Semenax lies in its ingredients. It contains an all-natural blend of herbs and amino acids that aid in the production of cum. Since it is made from 100% natural ingredients, it is not a drug like most other pills for sexual enhancement and has no reported side effects.

The ingredients of Semenax consists of active natural herbal substances and amino acids secured from countries like China, South America, and Europe. The ingredients include Swedish flower pollen, L-Lysine, Pumpkinseed, Vit E, Pine bark extract, Hawthorn berry, Wild oat straw, and others. The formulation of the pills is in exact accordance with a cGMP approved lab.

All the ingredients

  • Swedish Pollen Flower
  • L-Arginine HCL
  • L-Lysine
  • Epimedium Leaf
  • Zinc Oxide
  • L-Carnitine
  • Catuaba Bark
  • Pumpkin Seed
  • Maca
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc Aspartate
  • Pine Bark Extract
  • Muira Puama
  • Hawthorn Berry
  • Cranberry
  • Wild Oat Straw
  • Sarsaparilla

The increase in semen volume also posits that the man is healthy and active. Semenax Volume Pills are 100% safe and effective. It made from all-natural ingredients that have no known side effects. The product gives the benefit of high powered ejaculations and orgasms regardless of age. The product is effective when you want to increase semen volume and improve your sexual life.

Scientific studies conducted on the active ingredients of Semenax Volume Pills show positive results if you want to increase semen volume, increase libido, and improve your erection. You get all these three with a single pill.

Semenax has been proven to enhance healthy semen production and volume. Men have admitted to harder erections and a renewed sex-drive after using Semenax. A greater volume of semen translates to better and more satisfying orgasms which can infuse a man’s life with vigor and vitality. The results of these pills have been experienced by users from as early as 7 days.

You will feel the results of Semenax within one week of taking the pills. This is very fast compared to other brands, which have 30 days of waiting time before you actually feel any difference in your ejaculation and orgasm.

If you normally spew out five to seven times during a regular ejaculation, with the Semenax, you can increase and prolong your ejaculation by as much as ten to twelve times, with very BIG orgasms with every cum you shoot. Your pubococcygeus muscle is also constricted during this entire process which lasts fifteen seconds, giving you the best sex you will ever have.
If you have undergone a vasectomy, you can still enjoy the benefits of Semenax. You will get greater ejaculations, stronger and more forceful shooting, and maddening orgasms that will drive you wanting for more.

Where to Buy Semenax

You can buy Semenax online. There are many websites that offer discounts on the product, especially when you buy more. Semenax is a natural product that is affordable and has no side effects. You do not need any kind of prescription to buy this product.

If you are worried about privacy and the manner of delivery, the shipping of the product is conducted in a discreet way so that you are not embarrassed or humiliated, not that there is anything to be embarrassed about having full hard erections and explosive orgasms.

Being your journey to powerful ejaculations with Semenax, the only product that enhances the volume of your cum, the strength of your libido, the hardness of your penis, and most importantly, the power of your orgasms. Buy your Semenax now for only $40 a bottle. if you order a for a supply of three months, the shipping is free. Use Semenax for 60 and if I do not work, you get a money-back guarantee.


You no longer have to search the web for ways in how to increase sperm volume, because there is already a product that will help you achieve that and more. You will become more potent, healthier, and stronger with better libido and sexual activity. Users of the product are very satisfied and happy with the results. Even their partners and wives are pleased with the results given by Semenax Volume Pills. If you want to improve your sex life and your orgasms, one pill every day and you are okay.

Men find Semenax affordable and easy to obtain. The pills come with a 60-day money-back guarantee and the shipping is kept discreet and private. Semenax has reportedly no side effects and is perfectly safe with strict checks on quality standards. Many therapists and doctors have seen patients respond positively to Semenax and benefitting out of it. They recommend pills to patients with various sex-issues.

Sometimes, a dip in the sexual ability can cause a dent in a man’s confidence bringing forth the feelings of inadequacy and frustration. With Semenax, life gets its kickback and men can look forward to a happier and more fulfilling sex-life.

What’s more, men can select from different Semenax packages like the Diamond, Platinum, Gold or Silver, etc with bonus gifts! A happy package towards happier lovemaking.

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