How SizeGenetics Penis Extender Can Help You Achieve a Bigger and Fuller Penis

It is quite a surprise that in this age, most men still get conscious about the size of their penises. While many assert that it is always the performance that counts, in reality, men always wish they were gifted with bigger sex organs, which can help them exude confidence as sexual partners. If you are looking for effective male enhancement products, for sure, you have come across many SizeGenetics reviews.

What is SizeGenetics?

What is SizeGenetics?

The product is classified as a penis extender, a type of traction device –designed to increase penile length and size over a specified period. As a medical type 1 item, it is regarded as totally safe because it is manufactured using high-grade medical components and materials. It does not pose any risk to users, making it ideal for men coming from all walks of life.

Contrary to what many people may think, and as many reviews point out, the product is not only recommended for men who are unconfident about their manhood sizes. Men who can already be categorized as well-endowed in that department can also reap the ideal results. As always, confidence and self-esteem are important factors that make men perform excellently in bed. To some people, the product can be another key to keep the flame between a couple alive.

The device is a specially designed penis traction tool. The design will add several inches to both the length and girth of the penis. That translates to about 30% of an inch to 3 inches in length and several centimeters to more than an inch in girth in just 24 weeks. Imagine how much bigger you could get if you use it consistently and continuously.

Every purchase of the device will give you free and unlimited access to the membership website. There, you can find numerous instructional videos about safe and strategic physical exercises and routines that can help increase your penis size. Proper guidance makes such exercises safe and effective so there is no need to fret.

The principle behind it

How do penis extenders work?

It is the same technology behind some ancient cultural practices for lengthening specific body parts like the earlobes and the neck. Scientific studies have reasoned out that if it works in other body parts, it should also work when applied to the male sex organ.

The use of the penis traction device will target specific penile tissues located within the corpora cavernosa of the penis shaft. The traction would prompt such tissues to create new cells, which in turn will accumulate and result in the massiveness of the tissues. The massiveness of tissues will logically add up to the length and girth of the penis.

As if that is not enough, most reviews never fail to mention how the traction technique applied through the use of the device can help improve the current structure of the penis.

What is SizeGenetics to many sufferers of Peyronie’s disease?

Peyronie’s disease

It is a good tool to correct the unlikely condition, wherein there is a noticeable and unusual curving or bending that makes erections and sexual activities painful and more difficult for some men.

What does the device look like and how does it work?

SizeGenetics is a device that is attached to the penis. It creates constant and steady traction to train the penis to extend just like how muscles work. It directs the traction towards the Corpora Cavernosa. The Corpora cavernosa is the region of the erectile tissues which holds the blood of the penis during an erection. During traction, it creates extremely small micro-tears to the cells and tissues. These tears eventually heal and regenerate into fresh new healthy tissues, thus extending the length of the penis.

Is this lengthening procedure safe? Absolutely!

In fact, this device was invented by a renowned male enhancement plastic surgeon named Dr. Jorn Siana, who was the founding member of the International Association of Male Sexual Surgery. This device is medically endorsed by plastic surgeons and medical experts and backed up by numerous positive SizeGenetics reviews. There’s absolutely no reason to doubt the methods of this penis extender.

What sets it apart from other male enhancement products?

What makes a lot of people believe that the SizeGenetics is the best penis extender available in the market today? SizeGenetics has great features that are packed in one device.

16 Way Ultimate Comfort System

SizeGenetics Comfort Package

While surgery and other male enhancement devices can be painful, SizeGenetics has gone through great lengths to make the device as comfortable to use as possible. Its best feature is its 16-way ultimate comfort system. The product recognizes that the male genitalia is not created exactly the same. SizeGenetics features 16 different ways to wear the device. One only has to try out which is the most comfortable fit.

According to studies, the main reason why many people give up on these types of male enhancement devices is because of pain and discomfort. Most are not able to comply with the recommended frequency of usage because of the inconvenience. SizeGenetics ensures ultimate comfort for the user and this will make any client wear the device without any hesitation and agitation caused by discomfort.

Penis extender and curvature straightening

SizeGenetics can do two things to a male’s genitalia. One is to extend the penis and the other is to straighten a curved penis. A curved penis is normal for most men; however, this can get in the way of their sexual confidence and performance. SizeGenetics does not only help make a penis become longer and stronger, but it also helps straighten a curved penis during an erection.

Multi-Directional Angling (MDA)

SizeGenetics offers a unique feature which is the multi-directional angling which allows the penis to be extended at the most comfortable angle. Other penis lengthening devices only lengthens in one direction which can make it very painful and uncomfortable for users having a curved penis. SizeGenetics can extend the penis at any angle thus providing better comfort to the user.

Type 1 Medical Device

SizeGenetics is probably the only male enhancement product that has been classified as a type 1 medical device. This means that the device is made of high-quality materials and provides the most excellent results.

Clinical trials that back SizeGenetics

Many clinical tests have been conducted since 1994 to verify the effectiveness of the system as a male enhancement solution. During an International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery held in Barcelona, Spain, it was highlighted that indeed, targeted penis size increase can be attained in just six months.

Safety issues and endorsements of SizeGenetics

Safety issues and endorsements of SizeGenetics

The people behind SizeGenetics are very confident about the safety and effectiveness of this product. This is because the device is medically endorsed by numerous plastic surgeons and medical professionals. For the past 16 years, it has also received numerous endorsements and positive reviews from the media.

SizeGenetics was invented by Dr. Jorn Ede Siana, M.D., a specialist in general and plastic surgery. He is an internationally known expert on male sexual surgery. This device was initially used to help the penis heal after an operation. However, with further studies and innovation, the device has proven to be an effective way to extend the length of the male organ as well as straighten curvatures.

Another plastic surgeon who endorses this device is Dr. Finn Worm Knudsen who specializes in helping men who are insecure about the size of their penis. He endorses the SizeGenetics to his clients who want to extend their penis size because of his confidence that the device is of high quality, is relatively safe, and is very effective.

A professional clinical psychologist, Dr. Michael A. Carter, helps improve male sexual insecurity by providing clinical therapy as well as endorsing the SizeGenetics for patients who actually want to see physical results to help improve their sexual confidence.

Aside from medical endorsements, this device has also received various media endorsements. It was featured in the May 2008 issue of the highly popular men’s publication, GQ Magazine. The device was actually used by writer James Mullinger and achieved half an inch extension in just a short period of time. It has also been featured in various television shows in major television networks such as BBC and Channel 4.

SizeGenetics is considered by many as the best penis extender basically because of these endorsements. No other male enhancement product has been backed up by some of the most trusted personalities in the field of medical plastic surgery and media and received excellent positive reviews.

Why men need SizeGenetics?

There are a lot of men out there who experience sexual insecurities due to the size and curve of their penis. It is probably the fault of media and society that have stereotyped the perception that the male genitalia should be long, hard and straight in order to provide the utmost pleasure to a woman. In effect, many men who are not so gifted when it comes to penis size tend to experience a psychological effect. In some extreme cases, men experience bouts of depression and insecurity that affect their relationship.

SizeGenetics is not only for aesthetic purposes, but it is also to improve a man’s confidence and finally get rid of any insecurity that is affecting his personality and relationships. Confidence is an attribute that is extremely attractive to a woman and if a man has no sexual confidence, then he also becomes less attractive.

There’s absolutely nothing to lose when a man tries the best penis extender available in the market today which is the SizeGenetics. There are no exceptions and any man can gain their confidence in just a matter of weeks without spending so much. What they will gain back in terms of self-confidence is absolutely worth the price.

How to purchase SizeGenetics

How to purchase SizeGenetics

The safest way to purchase SizeGenetics is through their Official Website. SizeGenetics is offered through three different packages: the Ultimate System, the Device Only and the Starter Edition. The Ultimate System is highly recommended because it is definitely a bang for the buck with all the packaged items included.

The Ultimate System package includes the SizeGenetics device, the 16 way comfort tech system, a luxury leather case, travel case, an exercise DVD, the Revita cream aftercare moisturizer, the Traction Plus powder, the Online Better Sex DVD, an instructional DVD, Seduction and Fitness e-books, device cleaning wipes, device spare parts, MDA technology, lock and key, a free Velcro X-strap, online access to penis health, and best of all, free, fast and discreet shipping. All these can be included in the Ultimate System package.

Online payment options would include major credit and debit cards. Other payment options would include PayPal, Discover/Amex or perhaps mail order. But before making any purchase, check the website for a discount coupon code. The site provides a coupon code that gives a significant discount for all those interested to purchase the product.

One of the best things about purchasing the product is the money-back guarantee. Although the company is absolutely confident that anyone purchasing the product will be completely satisfied with the results, they still provide the most generous 6 months money-back guarantee.

For those who have more questions, SizeGenetics provides a support team that’s ready to help at any time. They have a fully trained customer care team that would be ready to answer any question in a professional manner. The support team is trained to answer any question no matter how personal and sensitive the issue is, so there’s no need to hold back and be concerned, especially about privacy.

If still doubtful, there are many independent SizeGenetics reviews that can be read online. Start researching on their official website. The company offers a full money-back guarantee to actual users who are willing to share their actual experience with the product. There are numerous SizeGenetics reviews that can be found online, proving once and for all why SizeGenetics is considered today as the best penis extender available in the market.

Before and After Photos

Click here to see the photo and read the testimonial! (Explicit Content)

How to use SizeGenetics?

After purchasing the product, you will have access to an exclusive customer environment. You only need to access the site and activate your account. From now on you will be able to enjoy all the benefits offered by the company.

You will have access to videos that teach you how to use the product as effectively as possible. Plus you will have access to a unique diary to help you track your progress.

Final thoughts

Investing in SizeGenetics can be really worthwhile. There will be no harm in trying it. As mentioned here and in most reviews published, the device is designed and manufactured to be totally safe. There will be no unwanted side effects or harmful outcomes from using it to increase penis size. In terms of the financial aspect, the six-month money-back guarantee says it all: the manufacturer is so confident the system would work satisfactorily.

As a last note, what is SizeGenetics to many men is what matters most. It is a ray of hope for those who have been seeking the confidence to perform well in bed with their sexual partners. Many may argue but it is a fact: Men are usually measured by their lovers through their performance during intimate sessions. And who can contest the plain observation that men with impressive penises usually do better because they have, not the just the sizeable member, but the necessary confidence?

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