Viasil Reviews - What is? It's safe? How to take? Side effects?

This Viasil review aims to offer a summary of the product to allow you to come to some kind of conclusion as to whether or not this is something that you should go ahead and buy. During the review, we will not only look at what the product is, but whether it is safe for you to use if there are any side effects to be aware of, what other people say about it, and finally where you can purchase it. Hopefully, you will be able to benefit from this review and the best way to start it is by finding out what Viasil is.

What is Viasil?

What is Viasil?

Viasil is a supplement product that is taken daily and is aimed specifically at men and improving their sexual fitness as well as their performance and that is why it is often referred to as being a male virility product.

This product only contains entirely natural ingredients and it has to be pointed out that this is not the same as the Viagra. By taking Viasil you can expect to have better erections, stronger orgasms, have more stamina, and finally recover quicker, but it does make sense to look more closely at the actual ingredients and then see how they can make a difference.

What are the ingredients and how does it help you?

There are several ingredients in this product, but we will only look at the key ones at this point:


Viasil Pomegranate IngredientAlthough a lot of different male enhancement products have pomegranate, Viasil is the only brand that has added 70% ellagic pomegranate in its exclusive formula. The reason that no other brand puts this in their product is that this kind of pomegranate is highly expensive, and it is a very high class, so they opt to go for the cheaper kind of pomegranate.

This kind of pomegranate is what makes Viasil go farther than the usual. Pomegranate is known as the Viagra of nature, and what it does is that it increases the quality of the erection in it that it becomes harder, longer and it will boost your sex drive along with it.

Pomegranate is also an important nutrient that helps improve penile and blood vessel health. It contains 70% ellagic acid that helps regulate the blood flow to the penile area, producing harder erections. Pomegranate contains powerful antioxidants that help increase your nitric oxide levels so that you may achieve stronger erections and be able to maintain it for a longer time. Pomegranate is also known to increase one’s libido by up to 200%.


Viasil Zinc IngredientThis is famous for being very important to manufacturing energy within our cells. It is known that the purer the concentration of zinc we take in, the more semen we will be able to ejaculate. The amount of zinc that is within Viasil is ten times more than the zinc we take in every day. This ensures that we will end up producing five times more semen than we normally do.

It is a known fact that the more Zinc consumed by the body, the higher the levels of semen and sperm produced. Viasil contains more Zinc than the average daily intake of men, making it more effective than other male enhancement products.

Zinc is not an artificial element that’s foreign to the human body. Zinc is necessary for protecting the immune system and cell development. It’s even prescribed to pregnant women to facilitate the growth of the baby inside.

But in the context of male reproductive health, Zinc is also very important in testosterone production. Doctors S.K. Mahajan and Dr. H.G. Kynaston conducted tests on men and gave them zinc supplements. In about four to eight weeks (in the case study of H.G. Kynaston), Zinc supplements were able to increase their testosterone production.


Viasil Ginseng Root IngredientThis powerful Ginseng extract had been proven to improve blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels. In consequence, this substance makes it more possible for the body to flush out fat deposits that are clinging on arterial walls. Not less than the penis is a beneficiary of this process. This is why customers report more intense throbbing in their penis during an erection. For women, this throbbing can make women feel higher temperatures from within, courtesy of the rushing of hot inflow of penis blood.

Ginseng is probably the most popular among the herbs used for ED, especially because it could be seen in a whole lot of supplemental pills and other products, such as energy drinks, teas, and coffees. In many cases, ginseng would be presented as something that could increase a man’s vitality and endurance, and this is why it is used in treating ED. It helps a man deal with stress and stressful situations better. The best thing about this herb is probably the fact that most men could safely use it with very little chances of side effects. The most known danger is taking it with antidepressants.


Viasil Horny goat weed IngredientHorny goat weed contains Icariin, a helpful compound that works wonders in men like Viagra. Upon taking, it can induce relaxation on the smooth muscles within the penis so that more blood will circulate into the area. It brings about longer sexual drive through liberating testosterone boosters that naturally occur in the body.

Horny goat weed, despite its comic name, is quite literal, not a coincidence and not just a big joke. Centuries ago, a Chinese goat herder has observed that the goats that have eaten this weed, now known as the epimedium, tend to need more sex than they used to, way past the sexual activity observed when it is not the mating season.

Since then it has been known in many names, horny goat weed, rowdy lamb herb, fairy wings, and Barrenwort to name just a few. Extracts of the horny goat weed contain varying levels of icariin, which is used to relax the smooth muscles. Some studies show that it works just like Viagra does.

The extract from this plant has been used for years as a booster for a man’s libido, all thanks to Icariin. Icariin allows more blood flow into the penis, resulting in harder erections because of more blood. It will also reduce PDE-5 levels in the body, which is what Viagra and a lot of other erectile dysfunction drugs are primarily aimed to do, except there are no nasty side effects because it is natural.

Just by the name of this herb, it can tell you that it works wonders. It has been long used to boost sexual stamina and performance due to its scientifically proven effect of inhibiting an enzyme called Acetylcholinesterase. By shutting down this enzyme the neurotransmitters responsible for sexual desire are triggered hence, the user experiences a burst of energy and stamina altogether.


Viasil Gingko Biloba IngredientThe Gingko Biloba extract is a favorite in natural medicines because this extract had passed laboratory scrutiny and actual experiments. Laboratory analyses showed that it has the same capacity to dilate the blood vessels of the genitals, the powerhouse where the semen is produced. With this extract, more and more amount of semen is produced which in turn causes an erection to last longer (because of the large load to emit during the climax).

Gingko Biloba, as a natural anticoagulant, is used when there is very little blood flow to the penis which makes it impossible to achieve and sustain an erection. But because of its natural ability to thin the blood, there is also a danger of using it along with other medications. It is, however, a natural treatment for ED and, as studies show, a very effective one at that.

This is also a common ingredient in a lot of male enhancement products and is the reason that Viasil gives you a more powerful erection. In the last 30 years alone, there have been 300 studies performed on Gingko Biloba and its uses for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.


Tribulus TerrestrisIt has been found that this ingredient can increase your testosterone levels by a hormone known as luteinizing hormone (LH), this hormone is responsible for testosterone regulation. The European medical community has been using it to treat poor libido and other problems in sexual performance.

Viasil takes advantage of the potent herb Tribulus Terrestris to help men deal with their penile problems. Viasil is currently one of the most potent male enhancement products that can be found on the Internet.

Many people have already used Viasil and have personally experienced the results. This is because Tribulus Terrestris can increase the production of testosterone in the human body.

This can be done by enhancing the natural effects of gonadotropin, a releasing hormone that is related to Testosterone production. Testosterone can have many beneficial effects on the male body. It is the hormone that is primarily responsible for enhancing libido and fertility in men.

While there have recently been conflicting studies regarding the mechanisms on how Tribulus affects Testosterone production in men, scientists and medical professionals all agree that Tribulus is effective in dealing with erectile problems.

Viasil’s key advantages are:

  • Entirely new, distinct and patented formulation. Its pills consist of an extract mixture that has never been utilized for the creation of a male enhancement product.
  • Ingredients promise a faster, larger, stronger erection and control of ejaculation.
  • With zero adverse effects.
  • Noticeable effects are up to two to three inches in penile length and girth.
  • Ideal for males of any age.

Although this supplement is the perfect male enhancement product for the guy, it still has a couple of disadvantages:

  • As it’s a new product, some individuals might see that as a con. Then again, several men have already tried Viasil themselves and were amazed at the outcomes.
  • Costs. For a few individuals, Viasil can be a little expensive.

How much do you take, how often do you take it, and when do you get results?

As mentioned earlier, Viasil should be taken daily and you should take one tablet 30 minutes before each activity. My advice is that you take one pill in the morning and one in the afternoon.

When it comes to more long-term results, then the majority of people will start to see the benefit anywhere between two to four weeks after starting. It is impossible to give an exact period as people are different, so do not be surprised if you feel more energized sooner than this, however, if you stop taking it for a day, then you will suffer a real setback and will be back to square one.

Is Viasil safe to use?

Is Viasil safe to use?

Generally speaking, Viasil is extremely safe to use, but as with any kind of supplement, some people are advised to chat with their doctor first to be sure that there will be no complications if they go ahead and use the product.

People that have a history of medical issues such as heart problems, a stroke, migraines, kidney or liver issues, some cancers, and also allergies should certainly discuss it with their doctor before starting the supplement. This supplement will not interact with any of your medication, but one piece of advice is to stop taking any other supplement that contains any of the ingredients that have been listed above as this will result in you taking more than the recommended dosage and this, in turn, may lead to problems for some people.

Finally, it should be mentioned that this product does not contain Yohimbe and this in itself is extremely important as it is a type of bark that doctors believe is unsafe for humans to take. Other similar products may contain this ingredient, however, Viasil is different and it is indeed entirely safe for you to take.

Are there any side effects to be aware of?

There are no known side effects with Viasil as the ingredients are natural and the body should not have any adverse reaction unless there is some underlying issue as was just mentioned above. The key here is that it is not a drug like Viagra, but instead is a nutritional supplement containing ingredients that our bodies have been exposed to for thousands of years. This means that there should not be any reaction unless you are extremely sensitive to ingredients although this is very rare.

What do different reviews on Viasil say about it?

Reviews on Viasil are consistent in the way that they state how taking this daily supplement has indeed made a huge difference to their sex life. Reviews do of course come from men and you will often find that the ages range from 35 years old and upwards and as you read them you can sense the overall happiness about the product and how it has helped their erection problems and increased their stamina. It is important to point out that the reviews do come from people with different backgrounds and when so many of them talk about Viasil in a positive light, then you can certainly feel more confident about using it yourself.

Where can it be purchased?

The best place to purchase it is online via their website (https://viasil.com) because at least by doing this, you will be able to take advantage of their 60-day money-back guarantee, which does not include the daily maintenance part as that is a four-week course, and it can be purchased through a secure server so your bank details are entirely safe.

The conclusion

Viasil is both a natural daily supplement as well as a fast-acting formula that is designed to help deal with erection problems in men as well as boosting their stamina and ability to recover resulting in far superior sex life. The product is completely safe to use, has no side effects, and undoubtedly works, so if you have been suffering from a few problems in the bedroom department, then take advantage of their money-back guarantee and give Viasil a go as both you and your partner may love the reaction that you get from this particular product.

This is the right time to act – visit the Viasil web page now and place an order for this incredible product which can give you the best results!


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