First, you must consider that penis enlargement is not an easy one. Think about the complications you might encounter if ever the method you opted to use is not successful. Just beware of these consequences and you are on your way to maximum sexual happiness.

Happiness, so they say, can be found in many things. For some like you, it could be found in sexual satisfaction. Satisfaction in sex does not exist in satisfying only yourself but also in finding gratitude from your sexual partner. Read below for a quick overview of penis enlargement methods that you can try.

The first method you can try is Penis Extenders. There are a lot of available extenders in the market. But through reviews and descriptions, the best ones are SizeGenetics and X4. Both are clinically approved and the fastest. The best penis extenders are those you can use comfortably. You can wear them while you are sleeping or doing mindless chores. The thing is, you have to wear them 4 hours a day for 6 months to get the maximum effects.

The second method you can try is male enhancement pills. These pills will noticeably make your penile erection bigger. You can also grow at least 2-4 inches with pills like MaleExtra. Male enhancement pills also increase your libido and sexual energy. Watch out for products that are not clinically proven.

Side effects like Priapism are more likely to occur when you take enhancement pills. Priapism is when your penis remains to be erect for hours to an end. The increase of blood flow caused by the pills is good during intercourse but bad when it remains like that hours after. Look closely at the ingredients of the product before taking them. Products that have missing crucial ingredients are unsafe to take.

The third method is penis exercises. There are many ways in which you can extend the size of your penis just by using your hand. You can manipulate the growth of your penis by managing your penile tissues. Remember that if every exercise requires a warm-up, so does the penis exercise. Wrap heated clothing to your penis before starting. This should prepare the organ for the enlargement procedures.

You can also try Kegel exercise, the Penis Squeeze, Penis Stretch, or Jelq Exercise.

The most basic of all exercises is the Kegel Exercise, which includes clamping your penis for 30 counts for the long exercise, and 2 counts for the short exercise.

Nevertheless, all of these have different effects. You should make the penis exercise a routine so you can maintain the size that you want. You can search the Internet for the mastery of these exercises. Practice always makes perfect.

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