In this article, we will discuss five of those benefits and how they result from the very popular act of sex.

1. Sex Helps Reduce Stress and Blood Pressure

According to a study conducted in Scotland, people who have regular intercourse can perform better under pressure. The study involved 24 women and 22 men who kept track of their sexual activities regularly. The subjects were then put under high-pressure situations to ascertain their stress levels. It turned out that those who had sex more often had fewer problems with stress than those who had less.

Other studies also indicate that regular sex, physical contact or simple hugging can reduce a person’s blood pressure and anxiety levels. Aside from the psychological benefits such acts offer, some scientists believe that the reduction of stress may be the result of pheromones being transmitted from both partners. This transfer may have a soothing effect on those who engage in regular sex, thus lowering their stress levels.

2. Sex Helps Improve Your Heart

Sex may have a positive effect on your heart. A study conducted in the UK showed that males who had sex several times a week were significantly less likely to have a heart attack than men who only had sex one or two times a month.

3. Sex Improves Tolerance to Pain

Sex stimulates the release endorphins within your body. Aside from stimulating reproductive activity, this particular hormone also increases the body’s pain threshold. What this means is that people who have sex regularly are less likely to suffer pain from headaches, arthritis or aches throughout their body.

Aside from endorphins, it’s also worth pointing out that sex is related to the presence of oxytocin within the body. Like other hormones that stimulate sexual activity, oxytocin also increases the body’s natural tolerance for pain.

4. Sex Helps Prevent Prostate Cancer

Males who have regular sex have a reduced risk of having prostate cancer. This is particularly true for men who are still in their twenties and who have sex regularly. This was discovered by the Journal of the American Medical Association. Men who have several ejaculations per month have a better chance of avoiding prostate cancer later on in life than those who regularly abstained from sex or masturbation.

Although the results of the study were far from conclusive and also given the fact that other factors may have been involved, it nevertheless proves that regular, healthy sex does have several positive benefits to our lives.

5. Sex Helps People Sleep

If you’re having sleeping problems then sex is one of the best ways to deal with it. The oxytocin released into the body during orgasm may have a positive effect on a person’s ability to have good and normal sleep. Naturally, having good sleep is vital for one’s health and blood pressure. So by helping the human body achieve healthy sleep, sex has an indirect benefit to one’s general health and blood pressure.

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