Not only can you add the seeds to a number of recipes, but you can also use it in a similar manner as you would Flax Seeds, and drink the poppy seeds with water. The seeds are an opiate, as they are derived from the poppy seed plant, so there are traces of opium in the seeds.

The seeds have plant-derived chemicals in them and are known to have antioxidants in them as well, which help to fight a number of diseases and ailments. The high fatty acid content, in the seeds also makes them good for the skin, and helps with the appearance of your skin if it is dry or frail.

Pantothenic Acid to Thiamin and Riboflavin

B- complex vitamins are another added benefit; the poppy seeds are high in this vitamin source. From Pantothenic Acid to Thiamin and Riboflavin, the seeds are high in all of these and other vitamins that are essential to your health and well being.

The seeds are also high in folic acid, phosphorous, and fiber; this means they are a good item to add to meals if you are looking to reduce caloric intake. The high fiber content is a great way for you to minimize the calories you consume on a daily basis.

The seeds can also help speed up the metabolism, and help reduce the amount of fat that the body takes in at different meals.

The poppy seeds are also high in mineral content, including copper, potassium, zinc, and magnesium, all of which should be consumed in your normal diet.

If you are not getting a sufficient source of Vitamin B and minerals, poppy seeds are a great addition to different recipes that you are preparing during the course of the day

They are high in mineral, carbohydrate, and calcium content.

In different parts of the world, poppy seeds are also used as a natural medication; they are used to treat boils, can help control digestive issues, can help with swelling and inflammation, and can help alleviate the pain that you experience from a cavity or toothache.

The seeds have also been found to help fight breast cancer, heart attacks, help prevent or break down kidney stones in your system, help with insomnia, asthma, and a number of digestive issues or stomach conditions. Plus, as they are an opium-based seed, they can help with relaxation if you are a person who is extremely stressed and deals with a lot during the course of your day.

Although you normally find them on your muffin or morning bagel, you can use poppy seeds for a number of health-related purposes. These are some of the many health-related benefits of including poppy seeds in your diet, whether you are trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, or treat some kind of pain you are experiencing.

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