No matter how some relationship counselors advise couples that this issue is just normal and part of human nature, dealing with this concern is not that easy. In fact, infertility, in most cases, becomes the root of a souring relationship between couples. The good news is that Fertility Factor 5 can help you solve your problem. Using Fertility Factor 5 pills is an effective solution to male and female infertility.

Regular use of Fertility Factor 5 pills is one of the best ways to increase fertility. Critically acclaimed by experts, every Fertility Factor 5 pill is specially formulated to maintain hormonal balance to the most optimum level. In fact, Fertility Factor 5 is popularly known as the market’s top herbal fertility formula designed to enhance hormonal production.

What is VigRX Fertility Factor 5?

VigRX Fertility Factor 5 is a popular male enhancer supplement manufactured by LEADING EDGE HEALTH, a pharmaceutical company specializing in male enhancement supplements. It is known to have significant effects on increasing semen production.

Try VigRX Fertility Factor 5

Its manufacturers marketed the product to be used alongside prescription medications to treat erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders. The supplement appeals to couples who have been trying to have baby, though it is also marketed to improve male virility and boost the sex drive of men.

How does Fertility Factor 5 work?

VigRX Fertility Factor 5 can significantly improve fertility in men by increasing semen production, improve sperm motility and balance the pH levels of seminal fluid to better protect the sperm from the acidity of the female reproductive tract. It raises the chances of couples who want to conceive by creating an environment suited for conception during sexual activities. Fertility Factor 5 is also known as a stress-remover, as stress is considered to be one of the major reasons for problems involving fertility.

What is Inside Every Fertility Factor 5 Pill?

Every Fertility Factor 5 pill is a by-product of years of extensive research. A team of top-notch scientists has gathered together to painstakingly develop an effective formula aimed at boosting male and females fertility rates. It goes without saying, that these experts have assessed the common causes of infertility among men and women. The result of their extensive scientific research became the basis of the wonderful prototype formula that has developed into Fertility Factor 5 pills.

Fertility Factor 5 Ingredients

  • Tongkat Ali LJ100
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • BioPerine

Back in 1999, the people from The New Sunday Times newspaper referred to this tree as the Asian Viagra.

Fertility Factor 5 uses an extract from the Tongkat Ali tree that can be found in Malaysia. The extracts from this tree have been proven to be very effective in boosting sexual desire and libido.

It has also been shown to be effective in treating the effects of erectile dysfunction. This is due to the fact that Tongkat Ali can actually increase the body’s production of testosterone thereby increasing sexual performance.

Fertility Factor 5 contains 10mg of Tongkat Ali extract.

All these ingredients are combined in pill form to promote better reproductive health and as well as increase libido and improve fertility.

Effects of Fertility Factor 5

Fertility Factor 5 is known to take effect in increasing fertility in as fast as thirty minutes after usage. After intake, the formula goes straight to the male reproductive organ to improve semen production; it bypasses the stomach, which is essentially the key to its fast-acting results. Since the formula does not have to undergo digestion, it can take effect in as fast as half an hour.

The advantage of taking Fertility Factor 5 is that it is made out of all-natural herbal extracts, making it relatively safer to take as opposed to prescription medications that are composed of various chemical ingredients. The company is also very clear about the ingredients, even carefully detailing the effects of each ingredient, allowing for better transparency.

There are very few supplements that are marketed specifically to target infertility, as the pharmaceutical industry is too caught up in providing supplements to increase sexual performance rather than help in improving male fertility.

Semen Production and Male Potency

Fertility Factor 5 can improve semen production by up to 600% and it is also known to help men achieve harder erections. Since the supplement contains ingredients that boost sexual stamina, you can ejaculate as many times as you want without feeling pain, increasing you and your partner’s chances of conceiving a baby.

Fertility Factor 5 has a lot of good user feedback, as it is known to help a lot of couples with their fertility problems. It does not only help couples conceive, but it also helps make the experience much more pleasurable.

The Holy Grail of Male Virility

There are many conditions that contribute to men’s failure to get their wives pregnant. Most of the time, the primary factors are very low sperm quantity and quality. Excessive alcohol consumption, incessant smoking, regular recreational drugs use, and poor dietary habits are just among the many factors that contribute to low sperm count among males.

The persistence of these unhealthy factors causes male infertility. With Fertility Factor 5, these problems are addressed head-on. No other over the counter fertility enhancement supplement is formulated with the right mix of natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. This formulation is geared to boost the sperm creation capability of your system. Aside from this, Fertility Factor 5 also works best in enhancing your sperm quality and count without any harmful side effects.

Where to Buy Fertility Factor 5?

Where to Buy Fertility Factor 5?

You can buy the product through the company’s official website, the package is discreet and the company’s website is 100% secure.

You also have free delivery and 67 days warranty. In other words, if the product doesn’t work, you can ask for your money back.


With the regular use of Fertility Factor 5 pills, you will be amazed at how fast you and your partner will experience the results. To learn more about Fertility Factor 5, feel free to check excellent resources online.

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