Vitamin B6 is useful for weight loss because it affects your metabolism in a positive way. In scientific terms, vitamin b6 is a water-soluble micronutrient or vitamin, that’s part of the extremely important vitamin family known as the B complex. Vitamin B6’s chemical name is pyridoxine. It plays an important role in maintaining optimal health because vitamin B6 helps regulate about 100 different enzymes in your body. These enzymes make chemical reactions in the body possible that are essential to normal bodily functioning.

How Vitamin B6 Can Help Weight Loss

Vitamin B6, also called pyridoxine, plays a huge part in several enzyme interactions and reactions. It regulates glucose by converting the body’s stored nutrients into energy which can be utilized and boost one’s immune system, among so many others.

It is very helpful in weight loss because it increases the ‘resting’ metabolic rate of the body. This means that even if you aren’t moving, your body still burns up calories so that it can do its different functions.

Naturally, better results will be produced if you work out as you should every day. With the increased metabolism thanks to Vitamin B6, your body will burn even more calories; therefore, you will lose more weight.

Sources of Vitamin B6

The primary source of this vitamin is diet:

Chicken, pork, and fish are quite rich in pyridoxine. Bananas and beans also contain a high amount of this vitamin. However, most people who want to lose weight choose supplementation because they get the right amount even if they don’t eat as much.

This vitamin is offered in various forms today. Over the counter pills and capsules are the most common. One tablet may contain as much as 500 mg. However, the dosage will depend on several factors such as age, gender, and even one’s specific condition.

The recommended daily intake for most adults is 100 mg. However, those with carpal tunnel syndrome or dysmenorrhea should double that amount. Women suffering from pre-menopausal symptoms should up the dosage to 600 mg. Source

Injectable pyridoxine is becoming quite popular nowadays too, especially among weight watchers. This has a faster effect since it goes directly into the bloodstream. This is offered in weight loss clinics but you can get it straight from pharmacies if you have a prescription and if you know how it is injected.

But do take more care with this because overdose may cause increased anxiety and palpitations. It may also cause calcium and magnesium levels to decrease, which in turn leads to other health problems. Prolonged use of this vitamin may have a negative effect on the thyroid gland and may reverse its positive effect on weight loss.

Effective Drug Interactions

Aside from your B6 weight loss therapy, you can achieve better results if you take in other medications with it. According to some experts, you should use choline and inositol too because these metabolize fat faster – even those that are blocked in the liver. Chromium, vitamin C, and iodine will be very helpful as well.

The involvement of vitamin B6 in the body’s metabolism makes it a powerful nutrient for people looking to lose weight. By increasing the metabolic rate, it can reduce the number of calories you need to cut.

Vitamin B6 and Its Effect On Metabolism

Vitamin B6 touches almost all aspects of your metabolism. Metabolism is your body’s way of converting foods into the energy it needs to function well. Anyone who’s tried to diet knows that having a slow metabolism makes losing the flab harder than it already is. Vitamin B6 is key to almost all aspects of this, but it’s especially crucial when it comes to metabolizing protein and creating nonessential amino acids. The body has to produce these amino acids on its own, as it doesn’t get them from foods.

Vitamin B6 is also extremely helpful when it comes to metabolizing glycogen, which is a molecule that stores carbohydrates. As it happens, the amount of vitamin B6 that you need goes up as the amount of protein in your diet increases. Vitamin B6 is critical to breaking down protein, so the more protein you eat the more B6 you need.

How Vitamin B6 Affects Your Energy Level

Not having any energy can torpedo even the best-designed diet. If you want to succeed with a weight reduction program, you need strength and stamina. These give you the willpower to stick to your diet plan. Vitamin B6 helps your body convert carbohydrate-rich food to glucose, and glucose gets burned to make energy for your body. Vitamin B6 even helps your nervous system stay healthy, which keeps you from getting depressed. There’s nothing like feeling bright and sunny all the time to keep you on your diet!

Your Daily B6 Needs

The National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements recommends you get 1.3mg of vitamin B6 a day if you’re between the ages of 19 and 50. Menage 50 and older need a little more, 1.7mg, while women over 50 need 1.5mg.

Where You Can Get Vitamin B6

A number of widely available foods contain a lot of vitamin B6. As a rule, beans, fish, fortified cereals, meat, poultry, and certain vegetables and fruits help a lot. Bananas, potatoes, garbanzo beans, chicken breast, instant oatmeal, and rainbow trout are particularly good.

If you want to lose weight, though, why not combine vitamin B6 with other weight loss promoting ingredients? You won’t need to go hunting around the grocery aisle just to find special food, either.

You, together with millions of other people in the country, are always looking for the right fat burner or appetite suppressant which may help achieve your weight loss goals. But why go through all the trouble if your body has the innate ability to shed off excess fats and help you lose weight?

Yes, you read that right. Weight loss is possible by increasing your metabolism. If it is sluggish, all you need to do is spur it. Believe it or not, you can actually accomplish this with Vitamin B6.

Supplements like Adiphene pack Vitamin B6 and a whole lot more into one convenient package.

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