If you’re one of those who are interested in using this body supplement, it’s highly recommended to familiarize yourself with it. Here are some of the important things to know about prohormones that can help you decide if you should really consider using one or not.

What Are Prohormones?

Prohormones are defined as hormonal substances that turn into active anabolic hormones through the natural enzymatic process once digested. Wherein, the anabolic compounds they turn into are considered to be anabolic steroids– if consumed in an already converted form. This is what differentiates the prohormones from the illegal anabolic steroids. Unlike the latter, they need natural enzymes and conversion to complete the process.

Prohormones work in a way wherein the levels of anabolic hormones in the body increases. This results in a stimulation of androgen receptors in order to build the size and strength of muscles. Likewise, these hormones trigger the use of digested nutrients into the muscle-building process and less availability for fat accumulation.

On the other hand, the capabilities of pro-steroids are limited by the natural availability of the required enzymatic reactions. Thus, it also affects the number of enzymes that can be taken, which limits the capability of building muscles. This is what makes prohormones different from anabolic steroids.

Legality of Prohormones

As a result of the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004,” the use of prohormones has been officially banned in the US on Jan. 20, 2005. This act was signed into law on Oct. 22, 2004, and was made effective 90 days later.

This only implies that the distribution, sale, and even possession of prohormones are punishable by law because they’re classified as ‘controlled substances’ now. Thus, it’s advisable to follow some precautionary measures in case you own one.

However, it’s also important to know that there are also weak anabolic steroids. Despite the fact that most prohormones are deemed to be illegal, the 1-Testosterone is still considered safe for use. Although it is marketed as a prohormone, it’s just a genuine anabolic steroid, mainly because it doesn’t depend on naturally occurring enzymes.

That said, it’s still legal under the same act that legalizes the use of prohormones– the DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) of 1994.

The Possible Risks

Just like anabolic hormones, prohormones could also convert into estrogen, which can trigger side effects related to the use of anabolic steroids, such as:

  • Decreased sex drive
  • Accelerated male-pattern baldness
  • Breast development for men
  • Testicle shrinking
  • Reduce sperm counts

Most of these side effects can be reversible with cessation of use. Although, as is true with any other drugs, a person’s body make-up is also a considering factor if he will be susceptible to these side effects.

For Those Who Are Interested in Using Prohormones

Just like any other bodybuilding supplements, the results would usually be dependent on your diet and training program. So, before you even consider the use of prohormones, it’s advisable to monitor your diet and training closely. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to experience the results you’re aiming for.

Likewise, educating yourself about prohormones can also help you enjoy its optimum benefits. Keep in mind, these are considered to be serious supplements and possess serious risks as well.

Warning: Prohormones should never be considered to be on par with other bodybuilding supplements, such as creatine and glutamine in terms of safety because they’re very different from these.

Manufacturer Labels Could Be Misleading

Lastly, due to the fact that prohormones are one of the most ridiculously famous bodybuilding supplements, a lot of companies try to exploit the general lack of knowledge of most users, and sometimes, they even make outrageous claims. Thus, it’s never advisable to completely rely on them.

There are great differences when it comes to the safety and effectiveness of various products available in the market, and for those who are interested in using them, it’s always ideal to seek the help of the Internet and look for reviews that will help you determine which prohormone is the best.

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