The initial, usually microscopic injuries are frequently not even perceptible at the time, as tenderness is at times not there. When the inflammation process eventually subsides, and the healing cascade starts, scarring forms within the organ because of the fact the tissues have become damaged. This restricts the penile tissue stretch, resulting to at times drastic alterations to the size and shape of the organ. If one could visualize putting tape on an inflatable and afterward blowing it up, he would grasp the idea of the effect.

Remedy Options

Fortunately, there is an increasing number of available remedies to limit the lasting damage Peyronie’s syndrome brings about. Keep in mind that remedy or treatment doesn’t equal cure. There presently is no cure for such condition, meaning that there’s no guarantee that every damage caused could be reversed.

Oral Remedies

Positive researches are supporting prescriptive medication pentoxifylline. It’s been shown to lessen curvature and hardening of the scarred tissues. The supplement COQ10 has as well been shown to lessen curvature in a recent study. PDE5 inhibitors might be a valuable adjunctive therapy too, as Peyronie’s syndrome usually causes minor to severe erectile dysfunction (ED).

Mechanical Treatments

Traction physiotherapy has been shown to successfully lessen penile curvature. The process could take many months, but at times, this could mean the difference amid being able to function under the sheets and not. Prominent Peyronie’s specialist Laurence A. Levine has achieved a few successful traction studies in current years.

Vacuum apparatuses are as well assumed to be able to alleviate symptoms by effectively and steadily remodeling the organ.


Where conservative therapies aren’t successful and the syndrome is stable (this could take up to eighteen months or more), surgery could at times be performed. There are different procedures that either curtail the longer section of the organ (to go with the size of the scarred region, thus straightening the penis) or get rid of the scarred segment of the penis, restoring it using a graft. Going under the knife could occasionally give rise to mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. This being the circumstance, for guys with ED already, surgery might not be advisable and a penile implant might be the single available treatment option.

Talk to a urologist to discuss what alternative(s) is appropriate for one.

The Future

A modern injectable treatment known as Xiaflex is presently being tested in the United States and some regions of Europe. It intends to liquefy the scar tissues and as healing occurs, stretching it by manual manipulation promotes to make the scar tissue to remain as supple as possible. Initial signs for Xiaflex are positive, and lots of sufferers of Peyronie’s very much hope that it might make a valuable difference. Apart from this, there’s as well the hope that one-day stem cell injections might be on hand to aid with such disease. This can be a few years off though.

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