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Basically, it can be noticed by certain signs such as women’s heart rate. If their heart rate increases, they must have reached orgasm.

However, it is not one and the only sign. Women’s orgasm can be seen from their muscles especially on their vagina. Sometimes, their skin is getting flushed and their nipples harden. Now, the question is how to make them reach their orgasm. This is a question which is asked by some men all over the world. There are 4 tips that make women reach the climax while having sex.

The first tip is putting on musky cologne

Men have to know that smell becomes the strongest of five senses. At least, there are two reasons that smell has a responsibility to make women reach orgasm during having sex. Firstly, anything musky can mimic testosterone. Therefore, the libido will increase into the higher gear. Secondly, smell, memory, and sex centers share close quarters in women’s brains.

The second tip is warming up women’s feet

Some women like to wedge their feet between the legs of their partners. It is done in order to make their feet warm. When their feet are getting warm, they feel more relax and comfortable. Nevertheless, men don’t realize that warm feet can increase the likelihood of their orgasm.

To make their feet warm, men can do a foot massage using a warming gel. It would be better that the massage focuses on the pads of the toes due to the fact that these parts of the body are linked to women’s nether zones.

The third tip is kissing the right side of their spine

There are some parts of women’s bodies that can increase their desire for sex. Some of them are neck, waist, back, and many others. Nevertheless, the spine on the right side is very sensitive to women. Even, the right side of their spine is able to make them more excited than the left side. When a man is kissing his partner on the right side of her spine, he can tease her gently with a tickler. Besides, he has to make sure that his move is curvy.

The fourth tip is setting the mood

Having sex is not only dealing with physical activity. In fact, it also involves feeling. Therefore, a man has to be smart to create a good mood for his partner. It seems to be very trivial and unimportant. However, it can be a key to make a woman enjoy having sex and reach orgasm.

It is required for a woman to have a good environment for romance. As a result, a man can choose the setting which is very romantic to have sex, for example, moon-lit beach. As other options, he can turn on sensual music, put the flowers in the room, or provide scented candles.

These are 4 tips to make women reach their orgasm. The most important thing is that women are creatures whose sex enjoyment needs patience, finesse, and sensual experiences. Men have to understand them.

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